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RoM 2.71 : Buildings 2016-10-05

RoM 2.71 : Buildings

  1. AAranda
    This mod adds a few buildings , wonders and national wonders to the RoM world , but also allows national wonders movies to be played.
    Of course , the movies of all existing national wonders are included
    For any comments , feedback , critizism , requests , what should be in or out , or wathever you want to say about my mods to RoM ( including i should better waste my time in football ) , please use the provided thread :http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=8218208#post8218208


    Spoiler :
    :crazyeye: PALACE Adds 25% city defense

    :crazyeye: WATCH TOWER Available at the begining , gives 10% defense and 2 xp to archers units

    :crazyeye:KENNEL available with Animal husbandry , gives 2 experience points to animal units

    :crazyeye: TANK FACTORY available with mechanized warfare , logistic and aluminium , gives 4 xp points to all tracked units

    :crazyeye: SEA FARM available with biology , gives 1 health and 1 food per sea tile

    :crazyeye: POTTERY WORKSHOP available with pottery , gives 2 hammers and 1 gold

    :crazyeye: MOAT available with engineering and castle , gives 5% maintenance , 25% defense and 10% less bombard damage

    :crazyeye: SIEGE TOWERS available with engineering and castle , gives 5% maintenance , 25% defense and 10% less bombard damage. Also allows to build deffensive catapults and deffensive trebuchets, siege deffensive weapons starting with advanced promotions , but can not be moved out of the castle : movement =0


    Spoiler :
    :crazyeye: TRIUMPH COLUMN available with Military training and sculpture , gives +10% great general emergence , +15%militar units production , 2 culture and 1 happy

    :crazyeye: PROPAGANDA available with nationalism and military science , 20% great general emergence , -10% war weariness in all cities , 2 spionage points , 10% spionage points in all cities , 15% military production and 2 points to great spy

    :crazyeye: ROYAL TOMB available with calendar , gives 1 happiness , 2 spionage points , 2 golds ,4 culture and 1 happiness with palace , forbidden palace and versalles

    :crazyeye: ARC DO TRIuMPH available with military science and rifling , gives 4 culture , +1 happiness , +25% great general emergence and +15% military units production

    :crazyeye: AEROSPACIAL AGENCY available with rocketry , gives +50% air units production and 5xp to all air units

    :crazyeye: HOMELAND SECURITY available with fascism , gives 8 spy points , 50% spy points , 15% spy points in all cities and 4 xp to all spies


    Spoiler :
    :crazyeye: HIPOCRATIC OATH available with Polytheism and naturopathy , gives 1 healthin all cities , 6 culture , can turn 2 scientist , 1 free scientist and a free healers hut in every city

    :crazyeye: HADDRIAN'S WALL available with construction , gives 2 culture and free walls in every city

    :crazyeye: TERRACOTAS ARMY available with monarchy and pottery , gives 6 culture and 100% great general emergence inside own borders

    :crazyeye: BURJ AL-ARAB available with conglomerates , gives 4 culture , 1 happiness , 1 free merchant , 1 trade route to all coastal cities and 2 golds in water tiles in the city

    :crazyeye: HUMAN RIGHTS DEC available with representative democracy , gives 10 culture , 1 happiness to all cities , 1 health to all cities and 1 population growth to all cities

    :crazyeye: ARCHIMEDES WORKSHOP available with mathematics and military training , 10% defense to all cities and 3xp to siege weapons

    :crazyeye: WORLD TRADE CENTER available with globalization , gives 4 culture , 2 happiness , 1 free merchant , 2 trades routes , 1 trade route to all cities and 50% to trades routes

    :crazyeye: SYDNEY OPERA available with radio , gives 4 culture , +1 free artist and a free broadcast tower in every city

    :crazyeye: FLAVIAN AMPHITHEATRE available with construccion and slavery , gives 4 culture , 1 hapiness , -25% anger for sacrifices , free combat1 promotion and a free colosseum in every city

    :crazyeye: EAST INDIA COMPANY available with naval cannon , gives 4 culture , +100% gold from foreign routes and 1 gold per specialistin every city

    :crazyeye: ABU SIMBEL available with monarchy and sculpture , gives 5 culture and reduces maintenance in nearby cities

    :crazyeye: LOUVRE MUSEUM available with scientific method , gives 6 culture , +30% culture , 10% culture in every city and 1 culture per specialist in every city

    :goodjob: TO INSTALL:

    It is MOSTLY modular , all you have to do is place the "AAranda" folder inside your RoM modules folder ( if it is not the first module you install from me , just open AAranda folder and copy everything inside to your existng AAranda folder in RoM)
    , wich is inside "assets". Inside modules folder you will find 1 file already existing in the original , just replace them.
    When unzipped , you'll find other folder "PYTHON" , inside "assets". JUST OPEN FOLDERS AND REPLACE THE DOCUMENTS INSIDE THEM IN YOUR RISE OF MANKIND MOD.


    If you want to use more than a mod from me in your RoM game , you ll notice that some folders or files would be repeated . If that happens , don't worry about wich order follow or wich one goes first : all my mods were made to work together , doesn't matter the order , information needed for each mod is included in the others


    1. abu_simbel_iaz.jpg
    2. burl_al_arab_dv4.jpg
    3. homeland_security_O6u.jpg
    4. royal_tomb_Q67.jpg
    5. sea_farm_6i0.jpg
    6. terracota_s_army_B00.jpg
    7. world_trade_Z39.jpg