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Roman Empire Renaissance units

Roman Empire Renaissance units 2021-11-08

Here are 10 "What if" units for the Roman Empire that you can find in Europa Universalis IV.
This is just an experiment, the purpose of which was to find out how easy it is to convert something that doesn't look like ships into a Civilization :) I did it, and I liked it.
The units turned out to be quite heavy for civilization, almost all weigh more than 100 kb. If I continue this work, I will try to make their weight lighter.
Pikeman used charlemagne_lightspearman animation
Riflemans used janissary animation
Grenadiers used grenadier animation
Early cavalry used charlemagne_lightcavalry animation
Gun cavalry used cavalry animation

4 infantry and 1 horse converted from EU IV
all weapons make by Bakuel
Special thanks to WhalterHawkwood
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These conversions are glorious, thank you ramzay. They offer a more serious (realistic) flavor for the Renaissance. And this horse is perfect. Thank you very much ramzay!
I was so hoping for these to be converted. I saw them in EUIV, and thought how cool it would be to have them in Civ IV. Thanks man. :)
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