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Roman invasion of Britain 53 AD v2 2016-10-05

Roman invasion of Britain 53 AD v2

  1. wonx2150
    Roman Invasion of Britain 53 AD Version 2

    This scenario is version 2 of my first scenario based on the roman conquest of Britain. Theirs a huge amount of improvements over the original so its worth a try :) i see a lot of people downloaded the original so hope you all come back and try out number 2 :).

    Changes include
    • New Terrain
    • New Units
    • Teck tree is improved.
    • Map redesigned and a lot more roads irrigation and other things added.
    • More barbarian city's.
    • New city's and only city's from Great Britain can be built.
    :( Unfortunately in the original to disable the wonders they where all destroyed. So there isn't a Stonehenge. Although ill look to fix this problem at a later date so it can be a wonder of the world :)

    Hope people like the improvements Ive made :) and i welcome any feedback on them :)


    1. tribes_24g.jpg
    2. irelandwales_2l0.jpg
    3. romans_89m.jpg
    4. sw_uk_Gff.jpg
    5. iceny_g2B.jpg