Rosetta - Dynamic City Names

Rosetta - Dynamic City Names June 17 2022 Update

Ever wish cities were a bit more dynamic? That the cities you conquered felt like they were a part of your empire now? Then this mod is for you!

Rosetta - Dynamic City Names changes cities' names according to their owner. It also prevents duplicate names from showing up in the same game (ex. Eboracum/York).

Rosetta is completely modular and will work no matter what mods or DLCs you have enabled. Mod compatibility is ongoing at this time, but many of the most popular mods already have support built into Rosetta.

Rosetta is also designed to work alongside my other mod, Improved City Names, which is highly recommended for adding a greater variety of names into the mix.

Of course, not every city will have a name in each language, but with over 16000 names in Rosetta's database, there's a good chance you'll see quite a few changes over the course of your game.
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I love this mod. It enhances the aesthetic of the game by a lot. 5 stars!
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