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RPPB Units Martyred Screen

After getting a massive number of requests to be able to edit names of units at any level, I tried to find a solution for it.
Despite trying various ways to achieve it, I couldn't find an exact solution for it, the reason being the code is hardcoded inside gameplay scripts
and I didn't want to alter the original gameplay scripts. Still, I managed a workaround for it, So here I bring to you a hack where you can achieve
the task of renaming any units at any level. A new screen Units screen has been added where you can give a nickname for the units.
Nickname can be given to any unit be it builder, apostle, trader, etc at any level, also nicknames can be updated any no of times till the unit becomes a Veteran.
These are some of the features while a drawback is that the nickname may not be available on the main screen, however, still, you can see it in the units screen till the unit becomes a veteran.
After which the veteran name will be updated from nickname automatically and you would be able to see the nickname in the main screen also. Besides these there are other columns which will provide you with more details about your units.
Also you can see the units position and select the unit by clicking on it.

Also, the mod now supports all official gameplay languages.

Thank You
-gmiller7138 for Unit report screen as I understood and used the select unit function from it.
-misterboomboom,Vanity Fair for giving me an idea for allowing nickname of unit at any level.
-All Users for subscribing, adding to their favorites, rating and playing the mod and helping me to get 4 stars for the mod.

For users who want to direct download the mod, following is the link:-

After playing civilization 6 for hours and hours, one day was hit by the demon of modding. I wanted to do something for the game which I have been enjoying a lot. Modding was the way I found where I could contribute to the civilization game, thanks to Firaxis for the mod community. So after researching, learning, understanding game events and spending days and days in coding, I finally bring to you RPPB Units Martyred Screen.

Units Martyred Screen is a mod which will give you details about units who have sacrificed their lives for protecting their civilization. UMS screen will give details about the units you have lost and the units you have killed during your gameplay with each unit grouped in a sophisticated manner.
In addition to it, you have logs about the units who are killed by any civilization throughout the gameplay.
Besides this the mod contains another bonus screen known as Global War Screen. So for someone with an aggressive style of gameplay, this screen will not only help him to be proud of victories over wars he has fought
and brag about it but also will give you details about the war effects like units lost in the war.
Plus the screen provides you with history about the wars that have taken place throughout the game along with the wars logs.
In addition the screens will show you details about current units, military budget, military strength, etc.
This mod is really helpful for aggressive style gameplay and also who loves to see different records and stats.

Works with Vanilla, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm, and all official Scenarios.
Will be Supporting all languages in further releases*.

Should be compatible with all -including UI- mods.

Thank You
-Gedemon for his extremely helpful Civ VI Objects and functions spreadsheet[forums.civfanatics.com].
-Gedemon for SaveLoad(Persisting data within saves)[forums.civfanatics.com].
-Understood UI Mechanism, and working of UI and used some common functions from Better Report Screen by infixo.
-Top Button Idea was inspired from CIVIGraphs by Jan Michael Vincent.
-Users of the mod, friends, family, parents, and God.

This mod is FREE to use.
However your donations paypal.me/RPPB11 and ratings are appreciated! I love modding but its the time you have to give for it. So a support of $2 will not only inspire me but motivate me to work harder and dedicate more time towards modding and release more and more frequent updates and new mods.
Although it is not compulsory, but if you really liked the mod you can support it.

Steam URL:- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716715892
Any new ideas for mods or any issue related to this mods are welcome.
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