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Ruins of Amur 2016-10-05

Ruins of Amur

  1. cyther
    Year 687 Age of Rebirth: Investigations into the area surronding <name blurred out> have yielded surprising results. Our scouts have rediscovered an ancient Patrian city. Some speculate that this could have been the capital of the Patrian Empire, Amur. The treasures of this city must be reclaimed for the good of <name blurred out>. We must not let our enemies seize control over the Ruins first. Preliminary scouts have been sent through. We have not heard any word from them and fear that they may have been killed by the enemy or perhaps something worse... <page becomes unreadable> ...ord of the Dungeon. As you are the main expedition, it is your duty to take command of the Dungeon as you see fit. Collecting a little treasure on the way would not be terrible though. We will reimburse you with more aid for everything you find of use. Be careful, we will not spend too much on you and if you fail there will be no return or rescue party.
    Note: Amur is said to be a magical hotspot. The enemy may be able to use mages in this area. Proceed with extreme caution as no one has any training in fighting against magic. This may be the first time in over 100 years that mages could be of any threat...

    Main Thread

    Here is the Alpha version for the Ruins of Amur modmod. It is based mostly off of the old ideas that Lutefisk mafia has for his Dungeon Adventure.

    Right now it is only in to test out mechanics and find bugs. I don't even have any TXT_KEYs written. It is essentially a proof of concept right now, plus it's pretty fun to play.

    Spoiler Pics :

    The Following Civs are in:
    • Elohim
    • Bannor
    • Ljosalfar
    • Amurites
    • Lanun
    • Sidar
    • Calabim
    • Sheaim
    • Khazad
    • Illians
    • Austerin
    • Scions
    • Mechanos
    • Infernals
    • Mercurians

    New Features
    1) Movable Resources
    Any resource on the map can be taken by any unit and brought to your lands. Be careful about taking resources that are owned by other players...

    2) Base Camp
    You only have one settler in this game and can only gain other cities by capturing them form enemies. These cities have a set population and they will not rise if from food. You have to purchase assistants called "minions" from the surface to add population to your Base Camp.

    3) Minions and Leaders
    You start the game with a number of units. One of the most important is the Leader. He is the main force behind your expedition into the ruins and if he dies there is no replacement.

    Another new type of unit is the minion. Minions can be hired for 200 gold and can be used to add population to your base camp. Any unit except the Leader starts with the Minion promotion which allows this ability. Minions can be taken out of the city directly for defense or you can spend production to upgrade them before calling them out. When an upgraded unit is put back into a city it will return to the normal "worker-like" form if it is taken out again.

    4) Additional Victories
    There are very different victories in this mod.
    1. Time - Standard Victory
    2. Conquest - In addition to the normal victory, you must kill the undying lord of the dungeon itself. (Right now that means kill the bland dungeon civ)
    3. Horde - Get 20000 gold and the Dragon's Horde
    4. Religious - Bring the power of the gods back into Erebus. A small sacrifice in blood may be able to free up enough magic to contact them (not implemented yet)
    5. The Mine - This is not the first time men have tried to pillage The Ruins. An earlier attempt was quite ambitious, they tried to meld a Mechanos "Computation Engine" with the magic that had existed in Amur. If there was a way to get it to work, the entire city could be controlled by your party. Perhaps if that fabled "Crown of "Akharien" was found we could find a way... (crown can just be built as of now, I intend to add in an epic quest)
    6. Covenant - Back in the early parts of the age, 7 armies fought over this land. They each left a valuable item to draw the magic of area away. In the end they died but the gems remain. Scout reports say that the lord of the dungeon would be willing to trade these gems for his alliance... (not implenented yet)

    Current Version of RifE: You can get it here

    Lutefisk Mafia, for just about everything
    Kael and FfH team, for FfH
    Vehem, Xienwolf, and the FF team, for FF
    Valk and RifE team, for RifE