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Rule with Faith

Rule with Faith

  1. JFD

    Welcome to Rule with Faith!

    Rule with Faith (RwF) attempts to bring greater political and religious depth to the game, by adding new Policies, Governments, and Great People.​

    Here, you will find links to keep up-to-date with Rule with Faith.
    It can be downloaded on Steam Workshop or directly through my Google Drive.

    For detailed information, see the Gamepedia Wiki


    Direct Installation

    • Download from Google Drive.
    • Unzip the contents of this into My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods
    • Enable in Additional Content.
    Replacement Files
    In order to implement these features, the follow files have been replaced:
    • CivicsTree.lua
    • CivicsTree.xml
    • GreatPeoplePopup.lua
    • GreatPeoplePopup.xml
    • GovernmentScreen.lua
    • GovernmentScreen.xml
    • TechandCivicSupport.lua
    • TechAndCivicUnlockables.lua
    This mod is therefore incompatible with any other mod that changes these files.*

    *Sukritact's Improved Tech Tree is included.


    If you encounter issues, it is important that you communicate this clearly so that someone can help you. You will need the following things:
    1. Mod Version.
    2. Mod List (other mods you have active).
    3. Database and/or Lua log files. See below.
    You can post either here or on Discord.

    How to Enable Logging

    In Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI, open the file AppOptions and set the following options to 1:
    • EnableLogCollection
    • EnableDataErrorCollection
    • EnableLocalBuildCollection
    You must start a game with the mod active for your logs to be populated.

    • Janboruta: Artwork (Noble Republic/Ab. Monarchy splashes, Religious slot card)
    • Sukritact: Artwork (Const. Monarchy splash), Improved Tech Tree mod.
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Recent Updates

  1. Updated to v11, for Rise and Fall
  2. Update to v10
  3. Update to v9
  4. Update to v8
  5. Updated to v7
  6. Updated to v6
  7. Updated to v5
  8. Updated to v4
  9. Updated to v3

Recent Reviews

  1. RaphaelMart
    Nice mod, but it still needs major adjustments. Some government bonus and several new policies don't work because of coding errors. Gave 4 stars because it's a awesome idea!
  2. Proclo
    One of my favorites Mods so far! I can't wait to see with what you will come up for CIV 6 seeing what you have already done with CIV 5
  3. ModMonger
    As of now the only good civ 6 mod. Th base game is terrible but this makes it less terrible.
  4. retrocity5
    Although, at the time of writing this 11/4/16 there's some slight government and policy changes, this mod is set to be the Civ VI equivalent of Sovereignty and Piety's (as it is formerly known) Piety enhancements.
  5. gelodgreat
    Best :D