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Rulers of Russia (Vanilla) 2016-10-05

:king: RULERS OF RUSSIA :queen:
Version 1.4 for CIV 1.61-1.74

07-08-07 RR Patch 1.41 for CIV 1.74: Download (700k)

Forum thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=149898

Get Warlords version here

Rulers of Russia is a Civilization IV mod, that adds more elements of Russian history: leaders, great persons, cities. It also includes some components, which expand standard game options without altering gameplay itself.


  • 26 new Russian rulers and Leo Tolstoy as a *Superleader*
  • 50 Russian civ-specific Great Persons
  • 201 names in Russian citylist
  • Gigantic Worlds (2 new mapsizes)
  • More Speeds (4 new gamespeeds from 200 to 6000 turns)
  • Main Screen Mod
  • AI Attitude Unfold (Blacksun's modcomp)


28 Russian leaders cover all possible combinations of 8 traits.

Spoiler :

Each leader has his own pair of traits and unique AI. That gives an oppotunity to play for Russia in a different style.
As a special feature this mod introduces Leo Tolstoy as a Russian *SuperLeader*. He has all 8 traits available! :p


- Unpack to your [Civ4 path]\Mods folder
- Game Menu: Advanced--Load a Mod--Rulers of Russia
- Use .bat file inside the mod folder to launch the mod directly!
- Check readme and documentation inside the mod Info folder

Play for Russia and Rule the World!
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