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Rules of Engagement : Stalingrad 2016-10-05

Rules of Engagement : Stalingrad

  1. Gedemon
    May 14, 2012: There is a new version of this scenario included in R.E.D. WWII Edition, with more features and units.

    Rules of Engagement : Stalingrad

    First thing, yes, I know, the ROE acronym wasn't used during WWII. That said, I hope that Rules of Engagement will be a serie of small scenarios based mostly on combat rules modification for civ5, hence the name and my apologies for historical inacurracy :D

    This first scenario is roughly based around the battle of Stalingrad between October 1942 and February 1943. There are some game change listed below, but the combat engine is not heavyly modified, I may have to wait for the C++ SDK to do all that's planned.

    Playing as the Germans, your objective will be to take and hold Stalingrad keeping your supply line open at the end of the game (30 turns).

    Playing as the Russian, you must keep Stalingrad at all cost and destroy the sixth german army using your (heavy) reinforcement from operation Uranus and Little Saturn.

    Victory check is not done yet ingame, but at last you have the obectives fixed now !

    What's in:

    - frontline updated each turn, based on units positions
    - reinforcement programmed at different turns
    - units may retreat when attacked by a stronger opponent
    - custom date / turn (the brute way, as I wanted to keep some specific date in the timeline)
    - WW2 scenario, only units from this era.
    - no ressource, maintenance, happyness, research, production, just the combat engine.
    - division size units : 50 HP
    - scale and formation changed. You may find the scale too smal, but I wanted to put a lot of figures in each units to reflect the HP change
    - city : 100 HP, no bombard.
    - air range x2.5 (visual attack speed x2)
    - artillery: range = 5
    - AA guns: range = 3, can only defend, penalty against gun units
    - worker are engineering regiment units, with defensive only (small) combat ability. They can only repair improvements and have a heavy free medic/repair promotion (+3 heal)
    - no insta heal promotion
    - general have free sentry promotion
    - "urban area" aka city ruins, trading post, factory (especially factory, that's Stalingrad, remember ? ;) ) give defensive bonus.
    - more that I may have forgotten to list...


    - delete previous version of the mod (optional with latest patch)
    - download the civ5mod files to your mod folder (..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS).
    - launch civ5, go to the mod browser and click "install mod"
    - find the Rules of engagement : stalingrad line and activate the mod.
    - from the mod section, go to single player and set up a game
    - select the Stalingrad map
    - check "load scenario", select Russian or german and click on "launch scenario"


    - don't use with another mod, it will surely messed some of the changes. But the leaders or flag mods for russian and Germany should work fine.
    - you may want to lower your graphic settings, even with a nice big PC as there are a lot's of units involved here. it seems that moving from one position to another during combat may crash the game if graphics settings are to high.


    csebal, Bhruic and all other whose LUA mods have helped me to get started on this. Parts of the Extended Plot MouseOver Popup mod are used in RoE. Thank you guys :goodjob:

    to do :

    - add supply line function
    - balance reinforcement, units and promotions (tank 5 moves, ...)
    - balance IA use of those units (worker = support, AA = defense only)
    - add new units, if not graphic at least definition (mech. inf. 4 move, rought terrain movement penality)
    - remove uneeded tech and production pop-up

    version history

    v0.4 (Oct 17, 2010):
    - change name mod to prevent a bug when using special caracters in names.

    v0.3 (Oct 17, 2010):
    - fix broken load/save (was removing insta heal promotion the wrong way)
    - fix a bug when a land reinforcement group was not filling 7 hexes
    - add retreat function
    - frontline updated also at the end of the player turn, not only at the beginning
    - change town defense visual effect (no more missiles)
    - balance : AA-guns can only defend and get penalty against gun units

    v0.2b (Oct 17, 2010) :
    - fix a bug in the only cossack's unit size and formation

    v0.2a (Oct 17, 2010) :
    - add frontline function
    - add reinforcement function

    v0.1 (wasn't released) :
    - add map of Stalingrad with initial units placement
    - set xml and sql rule change
    - merge and strip csbmod for terrain informations
    - strip top panel of unused informations



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