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Ryukyu Kingdom (Brave New World) 2016-10-05

Ryukyu Kingdom (Brave New World)

  1. Hiram

    Adds the Ryukyu Kingdom as a playable civilization. Requires the Brave New World expansion pack.

    Leader: Sho Hashi

    Unique Ability: Maritime Trade Supremacy- 2 extra trade routes available. Trade routes with other Civilizations or City States yield an additional 2+ Gold. Free Harbor in the Capital.

    Unique Unit: Pechin- Replaces Great General. Has the ability to discover technology unlike the Great General it replaces.

    Unique Building: Gusuku -Replaces Castle. Yields +1 Science and provides 1 slot for a Scientist Specialist.

    Hiram - XML, concept
    TPangolin - art
    COF - art
    Homusubi - art, advisory

    Music credits: The Creative Assembly, Firaxis Games​


    1. ryukyuteaser_9Cm.png
    2. civ5screen0018_awS.png
    3. civ5screen0019_NDT.png