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Sabaean Kingdom 2016-10-05

Sabaean Kingdom

  1. Hiram

    Adds the Sabaean Kingdom to the game as a playable civilization. Requires Gods and Kings and Brave New World to play.


    Leader: Makeda
    UA: Arabia Felix - Free Caravansary in all cities. Incense and Spice resources provide double quantity.
    UB: Sabaean Dam - Replaces Watermill. Has a higher maintenance cost, however it does not require an adjacent river to be built and provides +3 food.
    UB: Spice Market - Replaces Market. Provides an additional +1 gold and provides 2 frankincense.

    XML - Hiram
    Art - Rob (R8FXT), Harassar, COF, Wodhann, TPangolin
    Music - Firaxis, The Creative Assembly​


    1. sabateaser_0ED.png