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A major expansion that improves historical accuracy and immersion.

This is an Alpha version. Just wanted to get this out there for some feedback. Yes there is an older, complete version available on Steam. This new version is an overhaul that I'm creating from the ground up. This is playable. I am piecing this together from my original creation and deciding what I'm going to reuse. I plan on using many of the buildings and wonders from my original mod. I'm approaching each era as if they are each a scenario to maximize immersion beginning with the Prehistoric Era.

Spoiler Alpha Version 1.00 :

Note: There was an earlier alpha version that I created a few years ago. I have decided to take a different approach with the tech tree so I'm considering this my first Alpha.

Lithic Era

  • Lower Paleolithic (free starting tech)
  • Middle Paleolithic I
  • Middle Paleolithic II
  • Upper Paleolithic I
  • Upper Paleolithic II
  • Mesolithic I
  • Mesolithic II
  • Early Neolithic I
  • Early Neolithic II
  • Early Neolithic III
  • Middle Neolithic I
  • Middle Neolithic II
  • Late Neolithic I
  • Late Neolithic II
  • Late Neolithic III
  • Chalcolithic I
  • Chalcolithic II
  • Chalcolithic III
  • Chalcolithic IV (leaf tech that includes Stonehenge and other wonders)
Ancient Era
  • Early Bronze Age I
  • Early Bronze Age II
  • Early Bronze Age III
  • Early Bronze Age IV
  • Early Mesopotamia (unique to Akkad, Assyria, Babylon, Sumer)
  • Old Kingdom (unique to Egypt, Nubia, Hyksos)
  • Late Bronze Age I
  • Late Bronze Age II
  • Late Bronze Age III
  • New Kingdom (unique to Egypt, Nubia, Hyksos)
  • Late Mesopotamia (unique to Akkad, Assyria, Babylon, Sumer)
  • Iron Age I
  • Iron Age II
  • Classical Antiquity I
  • Classical Antiquity II
  • Classical Antiquity III
  • Wonders of Greece (unique to Greece)
  • Wonders of Rome (unique to Rome)
  • Wonders of China (unique to China)
  • Late Antiquity
Medieval Era
  • Future Tech (for the time being). Game ends here until I complete the first two eras.
Early Modern
Late Modern

Shared Units
  • Hunter - Recon unit. Cheap, slow, and weak. Starts with Survivalism 1 and has a defense bonus near capital. Upgrades to Scout. Goes obsolete at Early Neolithic I. (credit JTitan)
  • Gatherer - Worker unit. Builds Camps, Quarries, Mines, Forest Gardens. Gets consumed with each improvement created, similar to Work Boat. Goes obsolete at Middle Neolithic II. (credit JTitan)
  • Shaman - Expensive unit that requires Burial Ground. Creates Ritual Sites. Goes obsolete at Late Antiquity. (credit JTitan)
  • Canoe - Cheap, slow, weak naval melee unit. Upgrades to Trireme. Goes obsolete at Classical Antiquity I. (credit Deliverator)
  • Tribe - First Settler unit and the only one you'll ever get. (credit JTitan)
  • Mammoth - Barbarian unit. Strong but slow. (credit Deliverator)
  • Wolf - barbarian unit. Can attack twice on same turn and heal after killing enemy because he eats you. (I know, I'm evil). (credit Kwadjh)
  • Lion - barbarian unit. Same abilities as Wolf. (credit Deliverator)
  • Bronze Age Swordsman. Same abilities as regular Swordsman but requires Copper.
  • Bronze Age Spearman. Same abilities as regular Spearman. Requires Copper. Regular Spearman now requires Iron.
  • Galley for Civs mod by Barrowulf. Early ranged naval unit. 2 range, 3 moves.
  • Battering Ram: no longer unique to Huns, available to everyone, upgrades to Cannon
  • Horse Archer: no longer unique to Huns, available to everyone
Shared Improvements
  • Forest Garden , +1 Food. Created by the Gatherer. Can only be constructed on Forests and Jungle. (There is no improvement art for this. You will simply see the yield change)
  • Nomadic Camps - replaces the Ancient Ruins as the goody hut. Uses the Encampment graphic.
  • Lairs, replaces the Barbarian Encampment. A Lair looks like a Cave. I wanted something humans and animals can occupy. (credit Nomad or What)
  • Shrine, +3 Faith. Created by the Shaman. Uses the Antiquity Site graphic. Removed Shrine building.
  • Antiquity Sites now use the Ancient Ruins graphic. I know this is confusing 😝
  • Lumber Camps are Lumber Mills renamed. Lumber camps produce the strategic Timber resource.
  • Resources are now unlocked by techs. The idea is to reveal them when they became important to civilization.
  • Maize - bonus (credit framedarchitecture)
  • Rice - bonus (credit framedarchitecture)
  • Tobacco - luxury (credit framedarchitecture)
  • Tea -luxury (credit framedarchitecture)
  • Timber - strategic, produced by Lumber Camps. This resource will be required to build ships and siege warfare.(credit Hulfgar)
  • Leather - luxury, produced by Tannery
  • Textiles - luxury, produced by Loom. Uses Silk icon and Silk now has a new icon.
  • Shell Beads - luxury, produced by Blombos Cave
  • Chinese silk embroideries - luxury produced by Tai Shan Temples
  • Roman statues: luxury produced by Forum of Rome
Shared Buildings
Note: when buildings are replaced by new buildings you retain the yields of the first building you constructed. Replacing a building simply means that the new building will show up in the production menu in place of the first building. The purpose is to make some buildings go obsolete for the sake of realism. This way you are not building Neolithic buildings in the Modern era when you settle new cities.

Lithic Era
  • Baskets, 5% city growth, replaced by Wheeled Carts
  • Bonfire, 1 culture, 1 happiness
  • Cairn, 1 faith, 1 culture, 0.5 city defense, 5 HP, requires Stone or Marble, mutually exclusive to Causewayed Enclosure and Tumulus
  • Causewayed Enclosure, 1 faith, 1 city defense, 10 HP, city must be on hill, mutually exclusive to Cairn and Tumulus
  • Tumulus, 2 faith, requires Stone or Marble, mutually exclusive to Cairn and Causewayed Enclosure
  • Cave Painting, 1 culture, 1 happiness, replaced by Stele
  • Dolmen, 1 faith, receives bonuses from beliefs and policies in place of the Shrine, for now
  • Dwelling, 1 production, 1 happiness, 1 city defense
  • Earth Oven, 10% city growth, 1 happiness, replaced by Smokehouse
  • Burial Ground, 1 faith, replaced by Necropolis
  • Henge, 1 culture, 1 faith, .5 city defense, 5 HP, city must be on flat terrain, mutually exclusive to Stone Circle
  • Stone Circle, 1 faith, 1 culture, 1 happiness, city must be on flat terrain, requires Stone or Marble, mutually exclusive to Henge
  • Temporary Shelter, 1 happiness, .5 city defense, replaced by Dwelling
  • Kiln, 10% production, 1 gold to each source of Gold and Silver near the city, requires Pottery
  • Loom, 1 culture to improved Sheep, Silk, Cotton, Dyes and requires one these resources, produces 2 Textile luxury resources, requires Baskets
  • Menhir, 1 culture, requires Cave Painting
  • Shell Midden, 5% city growth, 1 happiness, requires coast, replaced by Lighthouse
  • Mudbrick Walls, 1 city defense, 10 HP, requires desert, replaced by Stone Walls, mutually exclusive to Palisade
  • Palisade, 1 city defense, 10 HP, requires Timber, replaced by Stone Walls, mutually exclusive to Mudbrick Walls, uses original Walls icon
  • Stone Walls (Walls renamed), yields unchanged, requires Stone, new icon
  • Long House, 1 production, 1 culture, 5% city growth, 1 city defense, 5 HP, requires Timber
  • Obsidian Works, 1 production, 5 XP to all land and naval units constructed in the city, requires nearby Mountain, replaced by Barracks
  • Pottery, 5% city growth, 1 happiness, +1 production at Early Mesopotamia
  • Smokehouse, 25% city growth, requires Salt, requires a local Pasture or Camp
  • Stone Tool Works, 5% production, requires Stone, replaced by Kiln
  • Tally Sticks, 1 science
  • Tannery, 1 production, 1 gold; requires local improved Deer, Cattle, Bison, Truffles, Fur, produces 2 Leather luxury resources
  • Water Well, 1 Sustenance (food)
  • Shrine and Monument have been removed. Shrine is now an improvement. I find Monument to be too generic for this mod since just about any important building can be considered a monument.
  • Granary, 25% city growth, requires improved Wheat, Rice, or Maize
  • Stone Works, 10% production to the construction of buildings, removed base game production and happiness yields, requires Stone or Marble, no longer requires Plains
  • Wheeled Carts, 10% city growth, allows food to be traded between connected cities
  • Necropolis, 1 faith, 1 happiness
  • Sanitation Network (Aqueduct renamed), yields unchanged
  • Stele (Monument renamed), yields unchanged
  • Arena (Colosseum renamed): new icon, yields unchanged, (credit gallifrey31)
  • Governor's Court (Courthouse renamed)
Shared National Wonders
  • Den, Free at game start. Replaces Palace. 1 gold, 1 production, 4 happiness, 0.5 city defense
  • Palace is now constructable. Can only be built in capital, 1 culture, 2 city defense, +10 XP to all units built in the city
  • National Stadium: replaces Circus Maximus, yields unchanged
  • National Library: replaces Oxford University, yields unchanged
  • National Museum: replaces Hermitage, yields unchanged

Shared Wonders

Lithic Era

  • Atlit Yam, 1 Happiness, 2 Sustenance, A free Water Well appears in all cities, +1 Trade Route, Can only be built on Coast.
  • Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, 1 culture, 1 faith, 1 Great Work of Art slot, A free Cave Painting appears in every city. City must be on a Hill.
  • Blombos Cave, 1 culture, +2 Shell Beads. Free Midden appears in the city. City must be on Coast.
  • Cradle of Humankind: +10% city growth, 1 culture, 1 production, and a free Bonfire appears in every city.
  • Cairn of Barnenez: 1 faith, 1 production. +1 Faith with each Quarry in the vicinity of the city. A free Tumulus appears in the City. Requires a nearby Quarry and Grassland. (credit artisanix)
  • Cave of Altamira, 1 Culture from Camps. 1 Great Work of Art slot, Free Cave Painting appears in the city, 2 Tourism at Flight, City must be near a Mountain.
  • Caves of Swabian Jura: 1 culture, 1 Great Work of Music slot, A Shaman appears in the city. City must be in range of a Mountain.
  • Gobekli Tepe: 1 faith, 1 Great Work of Art slot. Provides a free Dolmen and Shaman in the city. City must be built on a Hill and have a nearby Quarry. (credit Pouakai)
  • Heart of Neolithic Orkney: 2 faith. +1 Sustenance with each Fish, Crab, Cattle, and Sheep improvement near the city. A free Stone Circle appears in every city and a free Henge appears in the city in which the wonder is built. City must be on the Coast and Flatland. Requires a Shell Midden and a nearby Quarry. (credit artisanix)
  • Lascaux: 1 Culture, +1 Faith from Camps. 1 Great Work of Art slot, Free Cave Painting appears in the city. City must be on a Hill.
  • Megalithic Temples of Malta: 1 culture, 1 faith, 10% Growth in all cities. Provides +1 Faith and +1 Culture. Requires a nearby Quarry. (credit artisanix)
  • Nan Madol: +1 Sustenance, +1 Gold and +1 Production from Sea Tiles worked by the city. 2 culture. A free Canoe appears in the City. City must be built on the coast. (credit Pouakai)
  • Nazca Lines: 1 culture, 1 faith, 1 Great Work of Art slot. +1 Culture and +1 Faith to each Desert tile near the city. City must not be on a Hill and must be on or near Desert. (credit Pouakai)
  • Newgrange: 2 faith. +1 Culture to every Tumulus and Cairn. Requires a nearby Quarry and Grassland. (credit artisanix)
  • Venus of Dolni Vestonice: 1 culture, 1 happiness, 1 Great Work of Art slot, A free Pottery appears in the city. Requires an Earth Oven in the city.
  • Venus of Willendorf: 1 culture, 1 Great Work of Art slot, +1 Culture to each Quarry near this city. Requires a Quarry to be built.

Akkad, Assyria, Babylon and Sumer share uniques.

Akkad (credits regalman, janboruta, COF, Reedstilt, Tarcisiocm, Viregel, Tomatekh. Not used in it's entirety. I used some code, units and civ icon. Don't know who is responsible for what.)
  • Leader: Sargon
  • Trait: King of the Universe, All land units start with both the Amphibious and Desert Warrior promotions. Earn a free Great General when you research Early Mesopotamia.
  • Qassi (Babylonian Bowman renamed), 9 combat, 13 ranged combat
  • New leader scene for Ashurbanipal and new dawn of man screen
  • Bet Mardeti: replaces Stable, +15% Production when building Mounted Units. Reduces enemy spy stealing rate by 10%. 1 Happiness. Each source of Horses, Sheep and Cattle worked by this City produce +1 Production. City must have at least one of these resources improved with a Pasture.
  • Attartu: replaces Chariot Archer, not ranged, 14 combat, The Arrartu forces defenders to retreat if they inflict more damage than they receive. A defender who cannot retreat takes extra damage. (credit markburnfire)
  • Pethal: replaces Horseman, 13 combat, The Pethal has further sight than the Horseman it replaces and increases the likelihood of spawning a Great General. (credit danrell)
  • Lamassu: replaces Arena, Increases culture by 10% (credit markburnfire)
  • Library of Ashurbanipal: world wonder, 2 culture 3 science, A free Library appears in every city. +1 Science from Writer Specialists in every city. Also has 3 slots for a Great Work of Writing which, when filled, gives extra XP to trained Units. 1 Great Scientist point. Royal Library is no longer a regular building
  • Palace of Kalhu: replaces Palace, 2 culture, 5 city defense, All newly-trained non-air Units in this City receive the Siege Promotion. +10 XP for all units. +2 Culture and increased city defense. 1 Great Work of Art slot
  • Saknu's Court: replaces Governor's Court, Provides a free Settler and two free Geshshuker spearmen. Replaces the Governor's Court. Eliminates extra Unhappiness from an Occupied City.
  • Qurubti: replaces Iron Age Spearman, 16 combat, +15% combat strength when adjacent to a friendly unit. AI sees this as an offensive unit. (credit danrell)
  • Kababi: replaces Iron Age Swordsman, 18 combat, Can only defend, Starts with both the Cover I and Cover II promotions (credit danrell)
  • Siege Tower now replaces the Battering Ram and upgrades to Cannon.
  • New leader scene for Neb II and dawn of man screen
  • Code of Hammurabi: replaces Stele, 2 culture, 1 Happiness
  • Etemenanki: world wonder, 2 culture, 2 faith, Gives a free temple in the city. A free Great Prophet appears near the city in which it is built. 1 Great Engineer point. (credit Walid)
  • Ishtar Gate: world wonder, 2 culture, 1 faith, 4 city defense, 40 HP, Defensive Buildings in all Cities are 25% more effective. Free Walls of Babylon appear in the city. 1 Great Merchant point (credits ambrox62, iamaplayer)
  • Hanging Gardens now unique
Sumer (credits Janboruta, JFD, Sukritact, Leugi, Irkalla, Pouakai, Chrissifniotis. Not used in it's entirety. Used some code, building, and civ icon. )
  • Leader: Eannatum
  • Trait: The Wheel and the Ard: All Pastures receive +1 Production, +1 Sustenance, and +1 Gold. Always start near a River.
  • Isnarkabtu (War Cart): replaces Bronze Swordsman, 13 combat, 3 moves, One extra movement point than the Swordsman and can retreat after combat but has rough terrain penalty (credit danrell)
  • Epic of Gilgamesh: world wonder, 3 culture, Initiates a Golden Age. +2 Great Works of Writing slots. Gives a free Victory Stele to the city. 1 Great Writer point
  • Royal Cemetery at Ur: world wonder, 2 culture, 2 faith, +3 Great Works of Art slots. Gives a free Necropolis to the city.
  • Geshshuker: replaces Bronze Spearman, 13 combat, +15% Combat Strength when adjacent to a friendly unit
  • Victory Stele: replaces Barracks, +20 XP for all Units. (credit danrell)
  • Ziggurat: replaces Temple, 2 faith, 10% culture
  • Ziggurat of Ur: world wonder, 2 culture. +1 Faith to every improved source of Cattle and Sheep near the city. Gives a free Ziggurat to the city. City must be on flat land, on or near desert.
Nile River
Egypt, Nubia, and Hyksos share many uniques.
Egypt and Nubia now share the African Forest Elephant with Carthage.
Nubia now shares the Siege Tower with Assyria.
Egypt shares the Great Lighthouse and Great Library with Greece.

  • Ramesses II has new leader scene and new dawn of man screen
  • Abu Simbel: world wonder, 1 culture. Contains 2 slots for Great Works of Art. +2 Production for Great Works housed in Abu Simbel, other Great Works in the city provide +1 Production. 1 Great Engineer point (credit Sukritact)
  • Dahshur Necropolis: world wonder, 2 culture, 2 faith. Starts a Golden Age. 1 Great Engineer point. Requires a nearby source of improved Stone and Saqqara Necropolis
  • Giza Necropolis (Pyramids renamed): is now unique and requires Stone and Dahshur Necropolis
  • Khopesh: replaces Bronze Swordsman, Desert Warfare and Shock I promotion (credit danrell)
  • Karnak Temple: world wonder, 2 culture. Free temple in this city. +2 Faith from Flood plains worked by the city. City must be near a river. 1 Great Artist point. (credit Pouakai, sukritact, Mentos, Moriboe, Ambrox62)
  • Luxor Temple: world wonder, 2 culture, 3 faith. +1 Sustenance from Flood Plains. 1 Great Work of Art slot. 1 Great Artist point. Gives a free Mortuary Temple to the city. City must be near a River.
  • Mastaba: replaces Temple, 2 Faith, 1 Culture, 1 happiness.
  • Medjay Police: replaces Iron Spearman, 14 combat, +25% Bonus in combat in your territory. Requires Iron. (credit danrell)
  • Mortuary Temple: replaces Stele, 1 faith, 2 culture, 1 Great Work of Writing slot
  • Mekter: unique improvement, only Egypt can build it, Mekter's are more powerful than Forts. Upon constructing the Mekter, your Culture borders will expand to surround the Mekter on all sides by one hex. Any unit stationed within a Mekter receives a 50% defensive strength bonus. Additionally, any enemy unit which ends its turn next to a Mekter takes 20 damage (damage does not stack with other Mekters). Mekters can not be constructed next to each other.
  • Nilometer: replaces Water Mill, +1 Gold on Flood Plains in addition to Water Mill yields. City must be built next to a River. (credit JFD from the Hatshepsut mod)
  • Nomarch's Court: replaces Governor's Court, 2 maintenance, 2 Happiness in addition to eliminating extra Unhappiness from an Occupied City.
  • Obelisk: unique improvement, only Egypt can build it, 2 Faith; more if built next to a city. Cannot be removed and cannot be constructed next to another Obelisk. (credit JFD from the Akhenaten mod)
  • Saqqara Necropolis: world wonder, 2 culture, 2 faith. Gives a free Mastaba to the city. 1 Great Engineer point, Requires a nearby source of improved Stone.
  • Temple School: replaces Library, 50% science per population in city, 1 Great Writer point. 1 writer specialist slot
  • Theban Necropolis: world wonder, 2 culture, 1 faith. +1 production from river tiles. Gives a free Mortuary Temple. City must be near a river. (credit Walid)
  • Burial Tomb: now replaces Necropolis
  • Maryannu (War Chariot renamed)
Hyksos (credit TarcisioCM, JanBoruta, Regalman, not used in it's entirety, used some code, map image and civ icon)
  • Leader: Apepi
  • Trait: Serpent from the Nile, Combat bonus (+10%) when fighting units from a Civilization with more Cities than the Hyksos. Receive a free Nomarch's Court in every city conquered. +1 Faith to each pasture.
  • Hyksos have no uniques of their own but have access to Egypt's uniques minus the improvements. Their really isn't anything solid I can find. They may have introduced chariots and Khopesh swords to Egypt but this is in debate.
Nubia (Credits More Civilisations and LITE, Used some code, civ icon, Royal Pyramid from Piye mod )
  • Leader: Amanitore
  • Trait: The Land of the Bow, Archers start with both the Range and Indirect Fire promotions. Iron Resources provide triple quantity.
  • Deffufa: replaces Temple, 2 Faith, +1 Culture for each Pasture near the city.
  • Medjay Warrior: replaces Bronze Spearman, +50% Combat Strength when fighting in desert., requires Copper
  • Usi-Gu: replaces Kiln, +15% Production. Each source of Iron, Copper and Silver worked by this City produces +1 Gold.
  • Hafir: unique improvement, only Nubia can build it, 2 Sustenance and 2 Gold, Can not be constructed next to fresh water or on hills. Requires desert or plains. Uses oasis graphic on terrain
  • Musawwarat es-Sufra: world wonder, 1 Faith, 1 Culture. +1 Sustenance for each desert tile near the city. 2 free African Forest Elephants and +10 XP for all land units constructed in this city. City must be on flat land and on or near desert. 1 Great Work of Art slot.
  • Pyramids of Meroe: world wonder, 1 culture, 1 faith. +10% Gold produced by the city and a Golden Age begins. Produces +2 Gold luxury resources and adds a free trade route. A free Necropolis is constructed in this city.
  • Saqiyah: replaces Water Mill, 2 sustenance, 1 production, +1 Sustenance for each Pasture near the city. City must be next to a river.
  • Pitati: replaces Composite Bowman, 13 ranged combat, 7 combat, can attack twice on the same turn (credit Sukritact, JanBoruta from Narmer mod)
  • Royal Pyramid: unique improvement, only Nubia can build it, 1 culture, 1 faith, and provides +1 culture for each era since the Royal Pyramid was built. (credit MC and LITE)
Unfinished Ancient Civs


  • Dromon now replaces the Galley
  • Hagia Sophia is now unique and yields 2 culture
  • Quinquereme: 15 combat, 3 moves
  • Cothon of Carthage: world wonder, 1 culture. +30% production towards naval military units. Provides + 2 Quinqueremes and a free Lighthouse in the city the wonder is built. Can only be built on the coast. 1 Great Engineer point
Celts: no changes

  • Terracotta Army and Great Wall are now unique
  • Hanging Temple: world wonder, 3 happiness, 2 culture, 3 faith, 1 Great Engineer point, City must be built next to a mountain (credits Pouakai, sukritact, Moriboe, Ambrox62)
  • Yellow Crane Tower: world wonder, 2 culture, 1 Great Scientist point, A free Great Person of your choice appears near the capital. (credits Pouakai, sukritact, Moriboe, Ambrox62)
  • Leshan Giant Buddha: world wonder, 6 happiness, 2 culture, 2 faith. 1 Happiness from every 3 Policies. 2 Great Engineer points, City must be built on a river (credits Pouakai, sukritact, Ambrox62, Moriboe, mentos)
  • Tai Shan Temples: world wonder, 4 faith, 2 culture. Provides +3 Chinese silk embroideries. Gives a free monastery. City must be within 2 tiles of a mountain (credit Regalmanemperor)
  • Temple of Heaven: world wonder, 1 culture, 2 faith, 1 free Social Policy. (credit Pouakai, sukritact, ambrox62, moriboe)
  • Great Lighthouse, Great Library, Colossus, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Oracle, Temple of Artemis, Parthenon and Statue of Zeus are all uniques
  • Great Lighthouse, Great Library and MoH can only be built in conquered cities. This was an early idea. I will likely undo this.
  • No longer have unique units for now. Be patient, this won't stay this way
  • Instead of starting with a free technology the Huns now start with a Stable in every city, similar to Carthage's trait. The remainder of the trait is unchanged.
  • Persepolis: world wonder, 2 culture. Culture cost of adopting new Policies reduced by 10%. Increases a city's Great People generation by 25%. Provides free Stone Walls in the city it is built. (credit Regalmanemperor)
  • Circus Maximus: now a world wonder, 5 happiness, +25% Production when building Mounted Units. +10 XP for all Land Units built in this City. (credit gallifrey31)
  • Colosseum: now a world wonder, the building was replaced by the Arena, 5 happiness, +25% Production when building Melee Units. +10 XP for all Land Units built in this City. (credit gallifrey31)
  • Pantheon: world wonder, 2 faith. 1 Great Engineer point, A free Great Prophet appears near the city in which the wonder is built. (credits Pouakai, sukritact)
  • Pont du Gard: world wonder, 2 culture, 5 sustenance. 60% of Sustenance is carried over after a new Citizen is born. Gives a free Sanitation Network to every city in the empire. City must be near a River. 1 Great Engineer point
  • Forum of Rome: world wonder, 3 happiness, 4 culture, 5 gold. Provides +2 Roman statues. Grants 1 free social policy. Gives a free market in the city and also an additional trade route. Seems OP to me. (credit Regalmanemperor)

Balancing and Other Changes
  • Food is now Sustenance. I wanted something that would encompass Food and Medicine. I tried a few different words and Sustenance seemed to work the best. ( I am still deciding if this is necessary, maybe I should just call it Food and Medicine.)
  • City attack range reduced to 1.
  • Start year to 200,000 bc
  • Slowed barbarian tech progression to -100%
  • adjusted minimum faith for first prophet to 500
  • adjusted minimum faith for first pantheon to 300
  • adjusted base policy cost to 700
  • 3 food consumed per population to slow growth
  • very unhappy threshold adjusted to -5 and revolts will happen at -10
  • set Prince happiness default to 0 and AI unhappiness to 200%
  • Prince difficulty goody huts now give Scouts, Workers, unit Healing, population, culture, gold, free tech. They no longer reveal nearby barbarians, upgrade units, reveal the map, or unlock pantheon. Why you ask? Because these things either annoy me or don't make sense in the scheme of this mod.
  • Rebalanced Standard Speed
  • removed era voice overs
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