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Samurai Musketeer 2016-10-05

Well, finally, this unit pack is done. Personally, I think these are my finest units yet. And while I can take credit for their creation, I cannot take credit for their quality. I must thank Kinboat for that because it is his techniques I have used. Had I not used his techniques, these units would not look nearly as good as they do. I am but the hands to do the labor and an always willing student...

I would also like to thank Steph for his Storyboard Builder which has made unit creation exceptionally easier.

This unit is quasi-fictional. It is based in part on Japanese uniforms, but they never had organized gunpowder infantry until after the Westernization in the late 1800s. Note also that this is a peasant warrior, and so perhaps samurai is not the best title for it, but that's what I've chosen at least to submit it to everyone. What you do call it in your mods and scenarios is your business.

Click here to get the units_32 file.
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