Saph's Atlantic: A Clash of Worlds (TSL)

Saph's Atlantic: A Clash of Worlds (TSL) 1.1b


Saph's Atlantic: A Clash of Worlds (TSL)

Welcome to a much more intimate Atlantic!
Europe is now enlarged and much closer to the Americas, facilitating transatlantic relationships.

Will you lead the African empires to prosperity on a difficult landscape?
Will you replicate the European imperialists to dominate Africa and the Americas?
Or will you lead the Native Americans on a "sunset invasion" of the so-called "Old World"?
You decide!


Design Features

  • Conquer the Atlantic:
    This map covers Western, Central and Northern Europe, western coasts of Africa, South America and eastern North America.
  • Larger playable area:
    The landmasses are distorted to bring balance to TSL. Europe with its many civs is enlarged, while other continents are smaller. The Atlantic itself is also much diminished to allow more playable land tiles.
  • True Starting Locations:
    25 official civs, 24 city states and 16 natural wonders are placed at their real world locations.
  • Support for custom civs & city states:
    True start locations (TSL) are included for 52 custom civs and 17 custom city states. (If you would like any other modded civs to be added, please leave a comment!)
  • Support for custom natural wonders:
    6 Terra Mirabilis natural wonders and Sukritact's Great Blue Hole can be found at their TSL on this map.
  • Toggleable navigable rivers:
    Each of the rivers Rhine, Danube, Mississippi and Amazon can be individually turned from normal rivers to coast tiles during set-up, allowing naval units to traverse deeper into land while creating obstacles for land units.
  • Choke points:
    In addition to the presence of navigable rivers, choke points are also created by careful placement of mountain tiles on land, and island tiles at sea. Plan your tactical maneuvers carefully!
  • Accurate rivers:
    Hundreds of rivers and tributaries are placed according to their real life locations (as accurately as it can be done on a hex grid).
  • Accurate terrains:
    Mountains and hills are placed based on real elevation data, and grass/plains/desert are placed based on USDA soil quality data.
  • Map generated floodplains:
    This YnAMP-based map has map-generated river floodplains, so dam construction and flooding events are possible.


Map size: Full map is 62x112 Huge. 20 sections of the map are available as smaller maps (with sizes from Duel to Large).

Required Mod: Gedemon's Yet (not) Another Maps Pack

Recommended Mods:
  • Religion Expanded: This adds enough beliefs to vanilla's 20 so that you won't get locked if you are playing with more than 20 civs but haven't chosen a belief.
  • Prismatic - Color and Jersey Overhaul: This adds enough jersey colors so that you can play with more than 20 civs in one game. Otherwise some civs will get transparent colors.

Official civs with TSL

  • America
  • Aztec
  • Brazil
  • England
  • France
  • Germany (starts at Berlin)
  • Kongo
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Rome
  • Spain

Rise and Fall
  • Cree
  • Netherlands
  • Mapuche
  • Scotland

Gathering Storm
  • Canada
  • England/France: Eleanor (starts at Poitiers)
  • Inca
  • Hungary
  • Mali
  • Phoenicia
  • Sweden

New Horizon
  • Gaul
  • Gran Colombia
  • Maya
  • Portugal

Official city states with TSL

Amsterdam (if without R&F), Venice (X Bologna), Brussels, Buenos Aires, Carthage (if without GS), Geneva, Kumasi (X Akan civ), La Venta (X Maya), Stockholm (if without GS), Toronto (if without GS), Valletta, Armagh (X Ireland civ), Bologna, Cahokia, Cardiff (X Wales civ), Fez, Mexico City (X Aztec), Nazca (X Inca), Ngazargamu, Rapa Nui, Caguana, Hunza (X Gran Colombia), Taruga, Vatican City (X Rome), Chinguetti, Wolin

Note: City states with (X civ/leader) will not spawn if the civ/leader specified is present

Custom Civs & City States

52 custom civs and 17 custom city states have TSL on this map. See the complete collection for a list.

Game Set-up

To play with advanced YnAMP settings, you need to
  1. Have this mod and Yet (not) Another Map Pack installed and enabled ingame
  2. Single Player --> Create Game --> Load Database (next to the BACK button) and wait for the game to load
  3. Once loaded, you will be back to the main menu
  4. Single Player --> Create Game (You should see a tick next to CREATE GAME at the top.) --> Choose Map Type --> Saph's Atlantic: A Clash of Worlds --> Advanced Setup

Recommended Settings
  1. Turn on Only Civilizations/City States with TSL (or Turn off if you want to play with custom city states)
  2. Adjust the number of civs, city states & religions in the game to your liking.
  3. Manually pick the civs to play as/against or leave them random.
  4. Map Section: Choose the map section that you want to play among the 21 available.
  5. Select Natural Wonders: Leave it at Everything / Uncheck the ones that you don't want to appear
  6. Coastal Lowland: Choose Map Generator for random placement / Matching flatlands for more dramatic flooding / Empty for no lowlands
  7. Rivers Flooding: Choose Map Generator / Empty for no floodplains & flooding (and hence no dams)
  8. Resource Quantity: Your own preference (Resources are map-generated; this map does not contain pre-placed resources.)
  9. Civilization Placement: Choose True Starting Locations for accurate historical placement / Map Generator for random placement
  10. Enforce TSL: AI if you don't want the AI to stray from their TSLs
  11. Use Leaders TSL when available & Use Alternative TSL if required and available: On
  12. Allow random placement for civs without TSL: Off (You can turn it on if you want random placement for civs not in the list above)
  13. Navigable Rivers: Check the rivers that you want to turn into coastal tiles for naval units.
  14. Real City Naming: On (This is only for the capitals for several civs which do not start at their actual real life capitals e.g. Arabia at Medina & Germany at Berlin)
  15. No Duplicate Civilizations: Off, if you want to have, for example, both Eleanor and Victoria, or both Ambiorix and Sukritract's Vercingetorix, at the same time.

Special Thanks

This map is made possible by Gedemon's YnAMP & Zobtzler's YnABMC.
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