Saph's East Asia (TSL)

Saph's East Asia (TSL) v2.2a

Added TSL for Sejong

Added Lake Chao as a lake tile
Added TSL for
+ Phantagonist's Spring and Autumn Leaders x 8
+ Phantagonist's City-States - Eastern Zhou and Baiyue x 42
+ Burkart's Liu Yu, Wei Wu Di, Yang Jian, Cao Cao
+ Boom's Wu Zetian
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Added an alternate start for Gedemo's Yamatai

Fixed Strudeler's Canton's TSL
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Added TSL for
- Port Lime's Yu the Great
- Gedemo Jia Sidao
- Strudeler's Canton
- Merrick's Cao Cao
- Phantagonist's Four Beauties of China
- DogCatBat's Goguryeo

Fixed typo in modinfo
Added Ocean Starts for colonial civs
Changed the course of navigable Yangtze a little bit to ensure Yongle's start at Nanjing
Added Japanese mod title, teaser and description

Changed several ocean tiles to coast tiles
Added TSL for Lord Uji's Goguryeo

Post-release update for Rulers of China
- Added provisional TSL for Qin the Unifier, Wu Zetian and Yongle Emperor
- Adjusted section scopes for Indo-Pacific (80x60 Standard) and Southeast Asia (58x60 Small)
- Readjusted terrains on the Tibetan Plateau
- Added navigable Mekong, Yellow and Amur
- Added the options to add ice tiles to simulate the Khone Falls and Hukou Waterfall
- Changed a number of tiles in Siberia to tundra / plains
- Added starting location for Maori

- Fixed rainforest on water (They should be reefs)
- Moved primary start of Russia to Irkutsk (Vladivostok becomes alt. start)
- Added alternate start for Qin at Ji, Wu & Hou
- Added alt. start for Genghis / Kublai at Liaoyang
- Added alt. start for England at Shanghai
- Added alt. start for Portugal at Macau
- Adjusted section scope: Pacific Rim (28x124 Small), Korea-Japan (32x42 Duel)
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