SaraiMSI's Lombard League 2.1

Add the medieval Italian civ of Lombard League under Guido da Landriano

  1. jarcast2

    UA: Oath of Pontida
    When at war, land military units can be purchased at cost of City's :c5strength: strength, disappearing upon peace declaration and converting XP to :c5gold: Gold. Trade routes increase origin City's :c5strength: strength and :c5production: Production of military units.

    UU: Caroz (Great General)
    Compared to the unit it replaces it cannot build a Citadel but acts as one when in friendly lands.
    In addition, it can be expended in the land of a City State to conduct a Diplomatic Mission that does not yield Gold but a free military unit immediately and every 25 turns (standard speed) as long as that City State is friendly.

    UB: Signoria (Castle)

    Trade Routes gain +25% range and +2 :c5gold: Gold.
    Nearby Forts and Caroz contribute to City's Strength and yield +1 :c5gold: Gold when a unit is stacked on them.

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