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Satrap's Court 2018-04-09

A unique district for Persia and Macedon.

  1. pokiehl
    I've become interested in making "cultural uniques" - that is, unique components shared by a cultural group rather than just one civ! This is my first one.

    This mod adds the Satrap's Court district, unique to Persia and Macedon.

    It does not replace or remove any other components of those civilizations.

    Satrap's Court Description
    The Satrap's Court district does not replace any other district. It is unlocked at Political Philosophy and cannot be built adjacent to the City Center. Its effects are as follows:
    • +1 Housing
    • +2 Gold per turn from each foreign Trade Route passing through its city
    • +1 Gold per turn from each domestic Trade Route passing through its city if a Trading Post is present
    • +1 Gold from tiles with Luxury Resources, +1 Food from tiles with Bonus Resources, +1 Production from tiles with Strategic Resources
    • In cities with maximum loyalty, the Satrap's Court increases Gold in your Capital by 2%
    I created this mod because I love seeing more pretty things on the map and I am very fond of ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern history. Gold from trade routes passing through, as well as the increased gold for the Capital, represent the fact that Satraps were tax collectors and funded the empire. The increased yields from resources represent the efficiency that comes from centralized rule.

    If you enjoy this mod, check out a similar mod I made for Egypt and Nubia: the Precinct of Amun-Ra! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1356081737

    Concept and Design p0kiehl, ChimpanG
    Code p0kiehl
    Assets and Texturing p0kiehl
    Icon ChimpanG
    Text p0kiehl
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