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Saudi Arab and Palestine modern infantry pack 2016-10-05

Saudi Arab and Palestine modern infantry pack

  1. KrugerPritz
    In a pause of the P1000Ratte i made these units inspired by the Ekmek's IBN SAUD leader.
    I've used as base model the marine middle east found in R.E.D. Mod.
    I tried to use the kefiah of IBN SAUD but it crashes the unit so i reshaped the standard archer's one.
    I reshaped a little the beard of the missionaryhead
    The palestinian wears the green camo of gafe marines.
    The saudi modern infantry uses the m16 of Snafusmiths (I didn't found what kind of assault rifle they use... but i've supposed that, as they are allies of usa) i reskinned them with the us desert camo as i've found in this site: http://www.kamouflage.net/

    The nif is marines for all of them and uses marines.kfm



    1. arabiansingame_nte.jpg
    2. arabiansaudi_PB0.jpg
    3. arabianwhitekefiah_MId.jpg
    4. arabpalestine_tJ6.jpg