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Scaled Starting Plots 0.1

This simple mod was designed for exactly one purpose:
If you use fewer than the default number of players (and/or city states) it will force them to spread out more. This will effectively eliminate cases where you have clusters of players starting close to each other while others start isolated very far away. City states can still cluster up as they will fill in spaces between major civilization starting positions.

So, if you want to play a game with a reduced number of civilizations and not still start right on top of your neighbor this mod will help. If you want better starting locations, more balanced starting locations, better or different resources around starting locations, maps with an "old world" without any civilizations or pretty much anything else this mod will likely not deliver what you are looking for.

How it works:
Basic math. We take the difference of the number of players at game start and the number of default players for the chosen map size and use that to change the minimum distance for the starting settlers to spawn. For example a large map designed for 10 players will move starts 5 tiles further away from each other if you only have 5 players when you create the game. Well, technically it doesn't move anything, it creates a buffer preventing another starting being selected within that defined range and that range changes if you change the number of players in your game.

This is done dynamically to prevent, or significantly reduce, the chance of there not being enough space for all desired players and/or city states to spawn as you may have seen by simply changing the global value for the minimum start distance. Since it is dynamic it will also work the other way around and push the starting locations closer together if you have more than the default number of players or city states.

There is also a "safety check" in place to try to prevent cramming multiple players on a small landmass. This is done by simply testing the map for the available number of land tiles per player and using that to set a minimum landmass size for multiple starting plots. It does not force multiple starting locations onto large landmasses nor does it attempt any sort of "new world" or "old world" separation.

If you use extreme differences between the number of players in your game and the default number of players for that map size you may have unexpected results. Don't do that. In other words, if you want to use 20 players on a small map you will break this mod- not my fault since I warned you with bold red text!

If you like to play on itsy bitsy maps, don't use this mod- it probably won't help. Standard maps work, large and huge maps work very well.

This mod will not work along side anything that modifies the original AssignStartingPlots.lua file. (YnAMP or anything with TSL for the most part).

This mod will work fine with my Detailed Worlds mod as well as other map scripts that don't try to do anything other than make maps. More involved map scripts like Perfect World and Got Lakes? that internally override the starting plot code will work but this mod will have no effect. Mods that only alter world sizes will be fine but if the author did not adjust the default number of players or city states for their map sizes it may not work as expected.


This mod does not affect ANYTHING except the allowable distance between starting plots and the number of allowable starting plots on small landmasses. If the game loads and you have your starting settler this mod has worked and is done. Any game play after that has nothing to do with this mod including, but not limited to, barbarians, natural wonders, goody huts, strategic resources, luxury resources, bonus resources, food yields, production yields and hair loss.
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