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Scandinavia 1614 v1 2016-10-05

Scandinavia 1614 v1

  1. wonx2150
    This Scenario is set on a hypothetical set of nations in 1614 in Scandinavia and the Baltic sea. The country's are real although the kings and zones of control are largely made up.

    Ive also included a modified version of cities.gif so if you want you can change yours so that all the city's look medieval instead of some of the civilizations looking like bronze age city's. This is OPTIONAL if you are going to make sure you back up your cities.gif before you replace it!

    The map Sweden.mp is made by Marcus Andersson and i have not modified the original file in any way only changed things within my scenario in order to make it work for what i needed.

    Hope everything works this is only version 1 so there maybe some bugs any problems email me!


    Enjoy :)

    David (aka Wonx)