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Scifi Buttons Pack 2016-10-05

Scifi Buttons Pack

  1. orlanth
    This is a big pack of over 2100 Buttons (standard 64x64 pixel resolution with borders) for use in Civ4 modding. The initial images are a wide variety of clips from deviantart.com and google images; they're mostly scifi and space themed but many may work well for modern, near-future, or even fantasy mods. Several landscape buttons are also included that are good for use with the Infinite Terrain Pack.

    Thanks to the Civ4 Button Maker template by asioasioasio I was able to quickly convert this big set of scifi graphics to Civ4 button format using a batch action in Photoshop. They're intended for use in Colonization 2071 but hopefully can be helpful to many other Civ4 modders as well. :scan::assimilate:


    1. btns1_CQ6.png
    2. btns2_Dmo.png
    3. btns3_5cI.png
    4. btns4_vgd.png
    5. btns5_UGk.png
    6. btns6_63X.png