[SCN][MODMOD] El Dorado Mythical Scenario

[SCN][MODMOD] El Dorado Mythical Scenario 1.3

A 1950s paperback-novel style action-adventure oriented scenario modmod based either on We The People version 3.* or on Pilgrim Trauma Stress & Disorder version 1.4*. Any resemblance to the typotopography of Colombia or its past inhabitants is entirely coincidental.

Make a copy of whatever mod you want to base the scenario from.
Rename the mod folder Eldorado and paste the contents of the attached files (after you have extracted them) into the mod folder.
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Latest updates

  1. More Random El Dorado Lands

    Different city names More Spanish speaking Spaniards A couple of new Conquistador professions A...
  2. Eldorado! For real this time... hopefully

    - Made some goofy conquistadors and sir Walter Raleigh leaderheads - Fixed Control theme bug -...
  3. [SCN][MODMOD] El Dorado Mythical Scenario 1.1.1

    Removed the scattered European map, since having map trading set to 'on' when basing off of We...
  4. [SCN][MODMOD] El Dorado Mythical Scenario v1.1

    [UPDATE v.1.1] Forgot to include a text file with some of the more drastic rule changes (which...
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