Scrambled Greenland [RF+GS+NFP]

Scrambled Greenland [RF+GS+NFP] 12

An internally randomised map script of Greenland (with an internal glacier) & Iceland. Small/Tiny size map.

It is not a World Builder map but a map script developed from a satellite image.

Now with 2K account you can cloud save and play on consoles which don't support mods like the Nintendo Switch!

Teaser: here's Maori playing Dramatic Ages & Apocalypse modes
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Latest updates

  1. Major refactoring using a single fractal for terrain generation.

    Also better config that if mod enabled will not effect regular gameplay and map generation.
  2. Trivial update: using variation fractal for ice shelf generation.

    Instead of RND variation using fractal to generate ice shelf (from MapUtilities logic). Purely...
  3. Added Internal Glacier

    Very significant update to map. Now Greenland has an internal glacier (ice sheet) that sits on a...
  4. Bugfix + Red Death.

    Minor bugfix to ice shelf generation in GS. Little to no impact. No impact to land generation...
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