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[SDK/XML]Port District 1.0

Tile improvement that allows non-coastal cities to act as if they were coastal

  1. devolution
    The civ6 district mechanic has finally come to civ4!

    Port District.png

    Adds a new (optional) tag <bPort> and a new "improvement"(IMPROVEMENT_PORT) to CIV4ImprovementInfos.xml

    A port district (i.e. any improvement with bPort=1) now acts just like a civ6 Harbor District. A PD must built adjacent to a city and adjacent to at least 2 coastal tiles (some restrictions apply). This mechanic allows the city to construct water buildings and train water units even if the city itself is not coastal. Ships will appear in the port rather than the city when completed (like in civ6)

    The AI has been taught to make us of the PD as well.

    That the fort model is just a placeholder until I find a better model of a port!
    Mod is based on K-Mod 1.46.

    This mod comes with "batteries included", simply unzip to your mod directory and load the "Port District" mod after starting BTS.
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