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[SDKMod]TechInfosBonus.xml for Warlords 2.08 2016-10-05

[SDKMod]TechInfosBonus.xml for Warlords 2.08

  1. Aussie_Lurker
    Very 'simple' mod that makes a couple of changes to TechInfos.xml Namely the addition of a <YieldModifier> and <CommerceModifier> tag to the xml file. So now you can assign a boost to culture, gold, science, hammers, food and commerce from acquiring certain techs (and even health and happiness after this gets merged with the CCCP).
    Anyway, thanks goes to Impaler in particular-for all his advice and suggestions-and also to Arbitrary Guy for requesting the mod in the first place ;). Also, I can't go past thanking TheLopez and Gerikes as well-without them and Impaler none of my modding efforts would ever have come to fruition!
    So please download this modcomp for use in your own mods, and feel free to pass on any comments or criticisms to me (by PM or at the main thread).

    EDIT: Files updated for use in Warlords v2.08 patch