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Seeds of Greatness 2016-10-05

Do you remember the early days of Civ II? No scenarios or special challenges, just starting with a single settler and clawing your way to world domination? But soon you learned all the tricks and needed new challenges to keep things interesting. This scenario recaptures that "Start from Scratch" thrill! The Tech Tree, Units, Wonders, and City Improvements are all new and historically appropriate to the world of the Ancient Near East. As a special bonus, each of the Seven Civilizations has it's own customized Event file, so no game will ever be the same!

This Ancient Empires scenario is set in the year 3500 BC. It is the dawn of history and seven ancient Near Eastern civilizations are ready to embark on the long road of Research, Building, and Conquest! How do you win? As in the real world, you must achieve the "Alexander Solution"! By the time of his death in 323 BC, this entire region had fallen to the Macedonian conqueror. The calendar moves in Ten-Year increments and you must complete your conquests by 0 AD. The shadows lengthen upon the sundial, so may the Gods be with you Illustrious One!

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