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Senshi and RawSasquatch - The Cajuns (Beausoleil) for VP V3

Adapts and updates The Cajuns (Beausoleil) for Vox Populi. Does not require the original mod.

  1. gwennog

    Leader: Beausoleil
    UA: Great Expulsion
    UU: Mi'kmaq Militia (Musketman)
    UB : Bayou Cabin (Lighthouse)

    With 3UC and 4UC for VP compatibility.

    More Details here.

    • senshidenshi: Original Creator, most XML, SQL and Art
    • Chrisy15: Lua
    • Leugi: Leader Scene
    • GPuzzle: "Other Things"
    • Octoski: Creator of original Acadia mod
    • Sasquatch (aka Kramer): Actually finished the mod
    • Gwennog: VP compatibility changes
    • DMS, JFD, Adan_eslavo, Sukritact: lua inspiration and source
    • Shrimpu-art: Art on net