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Seraph v2.1 2016-10-05

Seraph v2.1

  1. WarKirby
    Now updated to v2.1! With 200% more wings, and a working civilopedia

    A desire to do this came to me tonight, and I had to follow my heart.

    Two feverish hours later, and I was done.

    I present the Seraph 2.0, now with beating wings, and 100% more Blazing Sword of Justice.
    I used the base seraph model from FFH, which was made by C.Roland

    I cut away the wings, and used the wings from Ploeperpengel's awesome Angel of Death. I also rigged it to that skeleton, and used it's animations. This results in an awesome angel with beating wings, and really captures the feel of it much better than static. It also has a particle effect on the blade, causing it to burn wth righteous fire (I added that too).

    It should go without saying then, that this uses nonstandard animations. Due to technical limitations, I've had to include the entire death angel model, as well as it's animations. To make it work properly, the seraph MUST be in a seperate folder from the AoD, and point the artdefine at the deathangel.kfm

    I've already packed them in seperate folders within this download, so all you have to do is unzip them somewhere and setup the artdefine.
    • 966 faces
    • 5 textures
      • archangel256.dds 256x256
      • angelwings.dds 256x256
      • angelwingsglow.dds 256x256
      • sword.dds 64x256
      • environment_fx.dds 64x64
    • Uses Deathangel custom animations by Ploeperpengel (included)


    1. seraph2_1_H17.jpg