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Settlers Build Roads and More V1.1

Improved Settler for Better Gameplay.

  1. MaJoR of CHAOS
    How the settler used to look
    Settler old.PNG
    How the settler looks now
    This is My First Mod!!!

    Settler Improvements

    • Settlers can build roads By using up to 12 Build Charges
    • Settler cost decreased to 60 hammers for quicker production
    • Settlers movement increased to 3 movement points for balancing purposes.
    Current Issues:
    • The AI can't build roads yet :cry:. but the fact that they require less turns to build their cities because of increased movement balances it out until I or someone else comes up with a fix :).
    • I'm also trying to figure out a way for the settler to be able to move after building the road. This is probably futile :borg:.
    • I like the road building from Settlers very much but I'd like for later eras for them not to be the only unit capable of building roads. This looks to be futile as well :borg:.
    And again this is my first mod ever so don't get too mad If I made a really stupid mistake in the code. Trying to configure the mod-info file got me really confused. Anyway hope you guys like it and if you find any bugs you know the drill.
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