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Sevomod-Mastery 2016-10-05

Sevomod version 3.3 -- Final Vanilla Release
Released 11/5/06

Patch: Titi's patch for Sevomod 3.3

For complete details, patch information, installation help, etc, please see the Sevomod forum thread

Now with in-game Winamp support!
Includes the Mastery Victory Condition!

The same game, just a lot more of it! Hundreds of additions across every aspect of the game: units, buildings, techs, civics, civs, leaderheads, plus massive re-balancing and interface enhancements. See the forum thread for details!

(Version 3.3 is ~184 Mb)
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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i realy wonder this mod i will try and this is my first post hello everyone i love civ!
Hello Sev,

I have Civ 4, with most recent patch installed. I have installed sevmod, and the patch. When i statrt civ 4 with the sevomod, I get may error messages. Most of them are missing unit graphic. When I start a game, say with the brits, my warriir icons are red balls. When I opne the city screen, the left side is more map, etc... and not the list of items...

I did everything according to the directions in the thread... (I believe) help?

I'm sure there is a program to extract files in those format for Mac.
Could you give us a non- .EXE version, zip, Rar or else, please ?
Think different, help the Mac !
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