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seZ´s CiviloPedia graphic 2016-10-05

seZ´s CiviloPedia graphic

  1. seZereth
    this is a part of my Modification work done for the new FfH Interface.
    (thanks goes to xienwolf for his help here!!!)

    I painted a new Background for the Pedia screen and redesigned the pedia Viewport graphics as well (where you can see the 3d Model).

    If you want to have only the viewport change, then remove the civilopediabg.dds, civilopediabg2.dds, civilopediabg2-opaque.dds from the civilopedia folder.

    to install, just extract it into:

    in brackets, because the folder is already in the zip, so put that folder into screens and it should work fine.



    1. civ4screenshot0093_PtV.jpg