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Shadowy Assassin 2016-10-05

Shadowy Assassin

  1. WarKirby
    This unit is a modified version of the lanun Asassin from FFH, which is from Sid Meier's Pirates!

    Mainly, I've made the clothes darker, tilted the hat down, added a face mask. Oh, and re-rigged the entire thing, because it's skeleton was a mess. I'm not sure how seZ managed it before, but it somehow had a mix of BIP and Bip01 bones, and even had finger bones despite not having fingers. It imported fine into blender, but would never export out again.

    • 1214 faces
    • 2 textures
      • assassin.dds 256x256
      • twn_grd_swor.dds 256x64
    • Uses Scout animations


    1. demo2_y14.jpg