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Shiggs Earth v6 2016-10-05

Shiggs Earth v6

  1. Shiggs713

    This is a huge Earth map with 17 civilizations to choose from and 23 City States, including 13 new city states I created just for this mod.

    New World
    Civilizations: America, Aztecs, and Iroquois
    City States: Rio de Janeiro, Tikal, and Cuzco

    Civilizations: England, France, Germany, Rome, Ottomans, and Russia
    City States: Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisboa, Athens, and Madrid


    Civilizations: Egypt and Songhai
    City States: Cape Town, Dar es Salaam, Kinshasa, and Aksum

    Civilizations: Arabia, Persia, India, Siam, Japan and China.
    City States: Singapore, Seoul, Lhasa, Almaty, Bandar Seri Bagawan, Sidon, and Karakorum

    Australia and New Zealand
    City States: Sydney and Auckland

    Greece is not in because they would be imposing too much on the Romans and the Ottomans. I have added the city-state of Athens to replace them for the final version, but I have created another version to try and appease everybody.

    The map is based off of Dale's Huge TSL Earth map. Most of the terrain is the same, but there have been some updates in key areas. All the resources are hand placed for strategic balance. There should be quite enough resources for everyone to get their hands on everything eventually. Some resources are sparser then others, and quite a few of them can only be found in certain regions of the world. I believe this will stimulate both trade and war and make for a better game.

    Most recent is version 6.
    This will likely not be updated again barring any problems

    This is a compressed file, to use it you will need to extract it to your Civilization 5/MODS/ folder. Then in-game, go to mods, enable Shiggs Earth and ensure to have load scenario checked.

    Homepage - you can find more information and screen shots here.