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Shinra SOLDIER from FF VII 2016-10-05

Well, after almost 2 months, here's the most (un)anticipated unit for Civ 3: The Shinra SOLDIER from Final Fantasy VII.

Some info:

The Shinra corporation, by infusing strong candidates with Jenova cells and Makou energy, created an elite cadre of almost unstoppable super soldiers. These SOLDIERs were instrumental in Shinras global-takover bid, with only the mystic ninjas of Wutai providing any serious resistance. The SOLDIERs ultimate undoing was in the unlikely form of the AVALANCHE freedom fighters, who, using guerilla tactics, managed to not only blow up several Makou reactors, but storm Shinra headquarters as well, defeating many 3rd rank SOLDIERs as well. In later campaigns against Junon and a second assault on the Shinra building, 2nd and 1st class SOLDIERs proved equally unable to defeat the determined band of rebels.
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