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Silver/Metallic Dragon Skins 2016-10-05

Silver/Metallic Dragon Skins

  1. PPQ_Purple
    Silver/Metallic Dragon Skins

    This file contains two skins for Chalid's dragon unit. Once applied, the skins will give your dragon a sleek metallic look.
    It is far from perfect but I hope you enjoy it newer the less.

    A sample of the XML, Screensots and animations are included with the file.

    Copy the desired folder (dark or light) to where ever you want it.
    Than copy the XML from the sample.xml into CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml file and change the paths so they fit your dragon's location.

    Connect a unit to the art and play.

    All the credits for the model and animations go to their respective creators.
    All I did was the reskin but I am happy to take credit for at least that.


    1. scs1_1R3.jpg
    2. scs2_3Ws.jpg
    3. scs3_NOV.jpg
    4. scs4_PYQ.jpg