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SiZ-30 2019-09-08

Soviet early WWII self-propelled anti-tank gun

  1. MatteM
    Originally made for Civ 5 by Danrell. I converted it to Civ 4, uses the standard tank.kfm. Button included.


    From Wikipedia:

    The ZiS-30 was a light self-propelled anti-tank gun built for the Soviet Red Army in 1941. It was based on the Komsomolets armoured artillery tractor. They were successful vehicles, but production was limited by the number of Komsomolets tractors still in use.

    The ZiS-30 was one of a few hastily designed armoured fighting vehicles created by Soviet industry shortly after the German invasion during Operation Barbarossa in 1941. In August 1941 Grabin's design bureau at the Gorky plant no. 92 mounted the 57 mm ZiS-2 gun onto the chassis of a Komsomolets artillery tractor. Only around 100 were produced.

    For its era, the ZiS-2 gun was one of the most powerful dedicated anti-tank guns available. Most weapons of that time were between 20 and 50 mm size, making the ZiS-2 somewhat larger at 57 mm, but it was also much longer, with a larger breech firing far more powerful ammunition. It fired a 3 kg shell at a muzzle velocity of 990 m/s, more typical of late-war weapons than early ones. For comparison, the British Army's contemporary 2-pounder fired a 40 mm shell of just over 1 kg at around 800 m/s, and the 6-pounder that replaced it fired a 2.3 kg shell at 850 m/s.