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Slave Trade V. 6.00

Slave units require the Slave Deed resource. Captured civilians become Slaves.

  1. Updated for Rise and Fall

    Updated for Rise and Fall.

    Removed Slave Markets project.

    Warlord Throne now produces +2 Slave Deeds.

    Human Trafficking policy is now a Dark Age policy and provides +4 amenities to all cities.

    Slaves now require the Market.
  2. Minor fix

    Fixed missing unit graphic
  3. Minor fix

    Fixed font icon in Slave description.
  4. Adjusted costs

    Adjusted Slave cost to be equal to a Builder.

    Increased cost of Slave Markets.
  5. Add new project and policy

    Slave no longer goes obsolete. Since slavery exists in modern times I decided to take a different approach. This also solves the problem of having useless Slave Deeds in the end game.

    New Policy: Human Trafficking. 50% discount on Slave purchases and -4 Housing in each city. Requires Ideology.

    Indentured Servitude now gives -2 Housing. Upgrades to Human Trafficking.

    New Project: Slave Markets. Produces two Slave Deeds and +15% Gold. Requires State Workforce, Commercial Hub, and Iron....
  6. Major Update

    Removed the Slave Market.

    New strategic resource: Slave Deed

    Market produces +2 Slave Deeds.

    Slaves require the Slave Deed.

    Slaves can only be purchased.
  7. Updated for Winter Patch

    Replacement of the core art files is no longer necessary.
  8. Adjusted Slave Market yields

    Slave Market now gives +5 Gold, -5 Food, +2 Housing, -1 Amenity

    Side note: I looked into changing the Aztec trait so that captured units would become Slaves instead of builders but this seems to be hard coded.
  9. Updated Art Defines for new version of Specialized Industry

    Updated Art Defines for version 2.0 of Specialized Industry
  10. Updated for compatibility with Specialized Industry

    Updated art defines for compatibility with Specialized Industry and MOAR Units 0.4 which includes Fall Patch Update.