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Slavery Units 2016-10-05

Slavery Units

  1. Nomad or What
    Slaves and slaver units of various races: Orc, human, goblin, elf, dwarf, etc. Slaver uses 5 custom animations wielding a whip; slaves use CiV worker animations and are bound in chains. Custom animations are very basic and I intend to improve upon them as well as add more slaver and slave unit types so please review for updates periodically.

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    1. orc_slaver_o5z.jpg
    2. orc_slaver_r_X4C.jpg
    3. orc_slaves_1O8.jpg
    4. human_slave_me_L3T.jpg
    5. human_slave_sa_pg8.jpg
    6. dwarf_slave_8rn.jpg
    7. elf_slave_1o8.jpg
    8. goblin_slave_n58.jpg
    9. orc_slave_9qW.jpg
    10. goblin_slaver_1P4.jpg
    11. human_slave_asia_qVQ.jpg