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Slower Tech by Era 2.1

Simple fix for the poor tech cost scaling.

  1. Takfloyd
    This is just what it says on the box - a simple mod that scales up tech and civic costs progressively throughout the game, so the tech pacing doesn't snowball way ahead of production to the point where units go obsolete before you've finished building them and the modern era starts in 1000 AD.

    The costs end up at 1.5 times that of base game costs in the future era. It's not meant as a massive game-changer but more of a balance pass. With this mod, the current era should align more closely with the in-game year. The cost of Great People is also scaled up proportionally so they don't run out too early.

    Let me know how it works out for you, as it's surely not perfectly balanced yet.

    How to install

    Simply download and extract the .zip inside your Mods folder under Documents/My Games/Civ VI or the equivalent location on your system. Enjoy, and please comment on any bugs or things that seem imbalanced to you or could be improved. Note that it's impossible to have a unit require more than one resource as an upfront cost - otherwise I would have done things somewhat differently.

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