SMAN's Duchy of Brittany for VP

SMAN's Duchy of Brittany for VP V11

  • Now, the era scaling is valid for the bonuses of the Capital but also for other cities. They follow the progression rule: 1/1/2/2/3/3/4/4
  • They increase for the cities already created and the Capital with the changes of era. (they were fixed to the creation era in the previous version)
  • A scout upgraded to Explorer before Astronomy would not lose the Stone Troughs promotion, this has been fixed
3.0 compatibility the good one
  • Various bug fixes detected by @adan_eslavo
  • Machtiern Promotion Tredeof (Arbiter) changed by @Hinin
Added Recursive's new victory code
Bugfix :
  • Buying a building with faith triggered the UA gain (Culture and GAdmiral Point) if you built a maritime building
  • Buying a maritime unit didn't trigger the UA gain
  • Liberating one of his cities didn't give him back it foundation bonus
  • Producing Maritime Units, Buildings or Wonders now give 10% of the production cost in :c5culture: Culture and :c5greatperson: Great Admiral points at the end the construction. These bonus are indicated by a popup on the city.
  • Barandon can now be built anywhere and gives freshwater to adjacent tiles.
  • Machtiern can move after purchase (with gold or faith) and start with full XPs.
Change UA after discussion with @SolutionIt and @Hinin
Change UA code for trait bonuses to appear, thank to @InkAxis
Change Icon of Porzh-iliz
Change sv and Flag Icons of Brezel Kourserezh and Machtiern, thank to @Asterix Rage
Change Civ Icon Alpha, thank to @Asterix Rage, again :)
Change 3D model of Machtiern, thank to @Hinin, again too ;)
Add unit 3D models of the original mod
New promotion Icon for Stone Troughs Promotion, @Asterix Rage the special one :hatsoff:
Correct bug "when you found a new city with a colonist, you have automatically a Porzh-iliz but not the second stage, Kroaz Pell or Kalvar."
Correct others small bugs
New leader Icon and Civ icon by Asterix Rage
New Promotion Icons by Asterix Rage
Change motto for the english version
UA: +1 of the same yields in the Capital now scaling with era
UU: Calculation of Gold for Promotion Lizher Kours modified
UU4UC: Change art of Machtiern and Tredeof promotion
UB4UC: Lots of changes following Hinin's advice
Change War Theme
Adjust Biases and flavors
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