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SMAN's The Lord Mayors V1 - BETA

Customized, Automated City Management

  1. sman1975
    SMAN's The Lord Mayors is a customizable, automated city management utility. It seeks to save you time as you build your Empire, determining what Cities will build - based on your guidance. Hopefully, this will provide you with more time to focus on what's really important: taking over the world!


    You command the Lord Mayors through the use of Directives, which are activated by pressing on their buttons on the right side of the main window. Each Directive allows you to use differing mechanisms to translate your intentions into specific 'build' orders in each of your Cities.

    Here is a brief description of what these Directives accomplish:
    • Guilds have the highest priority in deciding what to build. They specialize in a specific type of Buildings. Assigning a City to Guild management will mean this City will only produce items related to the managing Guild's domain.
    • Manage by Eras comes next in seniority, and allows you to provide evolving guidance to your Lord Mayors that changes as you move through the Eras of the Tech Tree. This guidance is adjusted, based on how well your Civ is performing against other major Civs.
    • Moirai is a form of destiny, and is the last of the 3 main guidance Directives. It provides a wide-variety of specializations for your Lord Mayors to use, in 'top 3' priority order.
    • Puppet Cities allows you to easily to Annex and Puppet your Cities.
    • Projected Builds will display a model that shows you what your Cities will build next, based on all the guidance from the other Directives. It will also allow you to assign build orders for any City that is not producing anything else.
    • Custom Build List provides a specific sequence of Building construction, and can be adjusted to your own playing style simply by editing a text file in the Mod's folder.
    • Options allows you to further tailor your instructions to the Lord Mayors, to better fit your own playing style.


    This Directive allows you to specialize Cities to better support your Empire's goals. Guild assignments override any other Directive or guidance, with the exception of the "May the Lord Mayor in your Capital order anything?" setting in the Options Directive. If that button isn't selected, assigning your Capital to a Guild will still not allow the Lord Mayor to order anything to be built.

    Currently, there are nine different Guilds you can hire:
    • Company of St. Luke: This Guild seeks to maximize Culture production in the Cities it manages.
    • Ecclesiastical Diocese: Maximizes Faith
    • Grand Lodge of Freemasons: Maximize the construction of Wonders, as well and their prerequisites
    • Worshipful Company of Alchemists: Maximize Science
    • Worshipful Company of Armourers: Maximize Units and Military Buildings
    • Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths: Maximize Gold
    • Worshipful Company of Grocers: Maximize Food
    • Worshipful Company of Mercers: Maximize Production
    • Slackers Anonymous: Produce nothing… Ever… The main reason to use this Guild is to avoid ordering anything, allowing you to manually control a City

    Manage by Era:

    With this Directive, your Lord Mayors use Endeavors, which represent a wide-variety of goals to improve of your Civilization. As the game progresses, you can adjust your guidance to the Lord Mayors automatically. Much of the Lord Mayors' decision making will be influenced by how you are performing on areas found in the Demographics UI.

    Endeavors: There are six different Endeavors to use to manage your Empire:
    • Enlightenment: This Endeavor seeks to expand the wisdom and significance of your Empire. It strikes a balance between Culture and Science
    • Growth: This Endeavor seeks to grow your Empire's population as quickly as possible. It strikes a balance between Food and Happiness
    • Industry: This Endeavor focuses on the tangible: money and industrial power. It strikes a balance between Gold and Production
    • Metaphysics: This Endeavor focuses on the intangible: striking a balance between Faith and Great People spawn
    • War: This Endeavor seeks to prepare your Empire for war.
    • None: This choice removes all Endeavor considerations during the selected Era.

    Maximize or minimize your advantages? The Lord Mayors follow game's Demographics data closely. If this button is checked, they will focus on improving the that Demographic area. If the button is not selected, they will instead look at areas that your Civ is doing poorly and attempt to improve in those areas.


    Based on your wisdom, you can lead your Civilization along many, diverse paths into the future. Each of these paths will lead to different outcomes, strengths, and benefits. A Moirai represents a specific path, a common destiny of your people. By selecting your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd priorities to specific Moirai, it assists the Lord Mayors in deciding what each City will build next, in order to help your Civilization realize your vision.

    Currently, there are 19 different Moirai you can use to guide your people (categories):
    • Improving Tangible Yields: Food, Gold, Production, and Science
    • Martial Capabilities: Train Units, build defensive and training Buildings, or balance between them
    • Improving Intangible Yields: Culture, Faith, Happiness, Great People spawn
    • Production Conversions: Convert excess Production to either Gold or Science
    • Advisor Recommendations: Follow the advice from the Economic, Foreign, Military, or Science Advisors
    • Special Circumstances: Construct Wonders prerequisite Buildings, or the next available Building ins the player-defined "Customized Build List"


    This Directive allows you to easily make Cities a Puppet, or to Annex them to a "normal" City. In terms of this Directive, there are two basic types of Cities: Commonwealth and Puppet. Commonwealth Cities are under the direct control of the Civ's Leader, and as such, the Lord Mayors may actively manage their production.

    Projected Builds:

    This Directive produces a list of what your Cities will be building next (for Commonwealth Cities). For Puppet Cities, no projected builds will be displayed.

    This model uses data from all of your previous selections to make its decisions on what to build. It provides you an instant overview so that you can make adjustments to ensure Cities will produce what you think is needed.

    Custom Build List:

    This Directive shows the contents from the 'Customized_Build_List.lua' file. This file can be edited by any player who can manage a text editor, such as Notepad. When the 'Customized List' Moirai is selected as the first priority in the 'Assign Priorities' Directive, the City will always use the 'Customized Build List' to determine what Building to construct next.


    This Directive allows you to further refine your guidance to the Lord Mayors. You can provide instructions that help them make choices more in line with your goals.

    Notes: The mod is in rough BETA status. It seems fairly stable, but it needs more testing to make sure all the competing efforts of the Directives don't cause issues.

    Also, in the early game, the Lord Mayors can't find anything that meets your requirements. You can adjust the Moirai settings or simply manage Cities manually for the first few turns.

    Collaboration Forum: https://forums.civfanatics.com/thre...-customized-automated-city-management.651035/

    Steam Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1896366231

    Acknowledgements: Main thanks goes to the inimitable @whoward69 on Civfanatics, particularly for his UI Tutorials: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/user-interface-components.461552/