SMAN's The World at War Scenario - The War to End All Wars V2

Fight the First World War, 1914 - 1918 A.D.

  1. SMAN's The World at War Scenario - The War to End All Wars

    WAW Scenario: The War to End All Wars -- Summary of Changes (V2):

    - Fixed the Strassburg crash, which happened when playing as Germany and looking at the City View the first 1-2 turns.

    The fix required a new map being published with this mod update. This map file needs to be moved to the game's MAPS folder, replacing the original scenario map!

    - Reworked the unit costs and combat strengths for naval units - they should be more balanced and make more sense now

    - Changed Naval Melee units, adding the "no capture" promotion. This prevents Melee ships from being able to capture cities now

    - Added Population growth prohibition, similar to the one in the WW2 mod. This stops most population growth, which makes late-game Happiness management much simpler

    - Modified the Defensive Trench Terrain Improvement, using the same model as in the WW2 scenario - it provides a more detailed, realistic looking trench now

    - Changed the names of several German and Swedish cities - using localized spelling
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