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SMAN's The World at War Scenarion - The Spanish Civil War 3

Spanish Civil War

  1. Florian de Saltés
    The World at War Scenarion - Spanish Civil War

    (v. BETA)

    It is a scenario based on the excellent mod of SMAN's World at War Scenario in the Spanish conflict between 1936-39.
    - Map
    - Civilizations (Republicans, Nationalists, Catalonia, Euzkadi and Anarchists)
    - New National Wonders (59).
    - New economic and political buildings (52).

    It remains to develop:

    - Units:
    Bando Nacional (Nationalists)
    Vanguard troops: Spanish Legion and Regulares (Indigenous Regular Forces)
    Bando Republicano (Republicans)
    Militia and Infantry (Spanish Republican Army).
    - Limit the technology to the time.
    - Include the resource of olives on the map.
    - Music.

    That is why you are looking for help from those who are interested in finalizing these aspects.
    Thank you!

    Link Civfanatics forum