SMAN's The World at War V5, Hotfix 3

Global Conflict in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

  1. sman1975
    The World at War (WAW) is a comprehensive modification to Civ V (BNW) that adds a much deeper playing experience to the second half of the game. Usually when I play Civ V, I'm often taken aback at how quickly the last few Eras fly by. There is little time to experience what should be the most varied and interesting aspects of civilization building and military conquest. What should be the most interesting part of the game is often the quickest part of the game. WaW seeks to change this by greatly expanding the gaming possibilities of the latter part of the game.

    The goal is to provide a significant expansion to existing game systems, but not to completely re-work the way the game normally plays. WAW is not a “replacement game.” It is trying very hard NOT to be. The goal is to expand the gaming experience “vertically not horizontally” – meaning, it expands content by adding more to the types of things that are already in the game (Technologies, Units, Buildings, Wonders), but not add new things or drastically change the way any of these existing systems behave.

    WaW adds 100 new Units, 73 new Buildings, 55 new Technologies, 18 new National Wonders, and 1 new Era to the game. Each of these have been designed to greatly expand playability in the second half of the game.

    New Features: As the mod seeks to greatly expand playability to the second half of the game, several new items have been made:

    - Several current Era names have been changed to better reflect historical parallels
    - New end-game Era (Future War) has been added
    - New Technologies (55 total) to improve complexity and variety to the late game
    - New Units (100 total) to increase variety of playing styles
    - New Buildings (73)
    - New National Wonders (18)
    - New “Future Tech” system – that improves yields based on player preferences
    - New Unit naming feature – to increase player immersion in the game
    - AI will upgrade its units more often
    - AI and puppeted cities to produce buildings more often

    Companion Mods: There are several other mods designed specifically to work with the World at War:

    1. "After the Revolution" – this mod was actually part of the World at War mod early on. As it grew in scope and functionality, it seemed like a good idea to split it out as a separate mod.

    2. "Irregular Units" – Adds Militia and Partisan units to the game. These units have a chance to mobilize in your cities when you are at war with another major Civ. Partisans will appear anytime a city is captured by another Civ.

    3. "Modern Terrain Improvements" – Adds 16 new terrain improvements to extend the use of terrain in order to better support the overall war effort. Improvements consist of Airfields, Defensive Bunkers, and Watchtowers.

    4. "Unique Units" - Provides 113 units for 9 different civs, to provide a more accurate, historical look to their latter Era units.

    5. "End at .... Era Mods" - Four mods that all you to end a World at War game in that specific Era.

    Scenarios: There are 4 scenarios under development, covering a specific historical war in Industrial, Modern, Atomic, and Information Eras. The first one is completed, the other 3 are works in progress.

    -- `The War to End All Wars` Scenario (WWI/Modern/Great War Era):

    -- `The War in Europe` Scenario (WW2/Atomic/WW2 Era):

    Military Unit Evolution: Twentieth Century warfare was a fast-moving, rapidly evolving affair. Innovation was the name of the game, and Civilizations were constantly striving to keep their militaries on par with their neighbors.

    WAW seeks to simulate this by introducing numerous “upgrades” to various Unit types. These upgrades are often fairly minor improvements to a Unit, and aren’t necessarily expensive. However, they do represent an incremental improvement from the previous Unit type, and over time will represent higher chances of mission success if employed in large enough numbers.

    In the most basic terms, each Era is divided into “stages”. Each unit will appear in the Era at one of these stages:

    “Early” Era: earliest versions of weapon systems
    “Main” Era: the version of the weapon system used the most in the Era
    “Late” Era: late improvements, usually appearing just as the Unit becomes obsolete

    To help avoid confusion on the map, and to help limit the amount of new Unit Flags a player would have to learn to play the mod, Units are now categorized using a combination of the “Stage” the Unit appears in, and the “Role” it will perform.

    You can spot the differences in Unit "quality" by looking at its flag. “Early” Units are represented by a single dot under the Unit flag, the “Main” Unit has two dots, while the “Late” version of the Unit has three. Not all Units will have all three versions. If there was not a historical equivalent, then a Unit may only have two, or even one version. Some Units have no early or late versions, so they will have no dots beneath their flag at all.

    Discussion Thread:

    Recommended Mods: “Quick Turns” by Krzyzyk, as the AI tends to produce large numbers of units.

    Steam Link:

    - Mod is in BETA status. Expect changes in the future. Please let me know if you're seeing problems. One of the biggest issues will probably be 'balance...'
    - This mod makes plenty of changes to the game. If you're having any issues, please clear game cache then try the mod again.
    - This mod borrows heavily from my 'Omnibus' and 'Late Game Unit Pack' mods. No need to enable those mods while playing this one. In fact, it could be quite problematic... ;)
    - Also, due to the wide range of changes, compatibility with other popular mods (VP, EUI, etc.) will be a problem. This decision was intention early on. In order to provide a unified, cohesive gaming experience, design priority was given to the elements within this mod. If that breaks compatibility, it was done to ensure at least this mod worked as designed.
    - So – please don't ask me if this mod is compatible with mod 'X'! Try it yourself first, then let me know how it worked for you. Thanks.

    Acknowledgements: Many, many previous modders deserve credit for the art, models, etc., appearing in this mod. The usual suspects, JFD, Bouncymischa, Snafusmith, Ekmek, Wolfdog, Nomad or What, Civitar, bernie14, Nutty, danrell, Lord Tirian, etc. – all contributed greatly to this mod.

    Also, special thanks to my collaborator Marius Magnus, who provided lots of ideas for content, fixes for errors, and thorough testing support throughout development. If this mod works at all for you, it is largely his contribution…

    And I would be completely in remiss if I didn't thank @LeeS and @whoward69 on Civfanatics for the extensive support provided on the Lua scripts. This mod would not be working at all if not for their assistance!

    I will continue to add contributors to this list as I find them. If I've missed anyone, please let me know and I'll add them to this list.

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  1. Cleiton
    Version: V4
    how to install?
    1. sman1975
      Author's Response
      Download a copy of the .zip file from this site. Copy it to your mods folder, usually some place like this:

      C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS

      Then, unzip the file in this folder, so it can create its own folder under the MODS folder.

      After that, go back into Civ5, then the Mods area, and you should see the mod, towards the bottom of your subscribed mods list. Enable it, and Bob's your uncle...