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SMAN's The World at War V5, Hotfix 3

Global Conflict in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

  1. SMAN's The World at War

    Summary of Changes (V2)

    - Added the x32 sized Icon files
    - Removed the flag in the Transparent Aluminum Civilopedia entry so it no longer suggests the Resource can be found in Hill tiles.
    - Changed the text key for the "Bribe" promotion for land units that now says, "Capture Chance if Defeated: XX%"
    - Changed the AI settings for two keys: OPINION_WEIGHT_MINOR_CIV_NONE and OPINION_WEIGHT_WONDER_NONE. Set the values to 0. Previously, if you weren't competing with an AI Civ for a City States' favor and hadn't built wonders that they wanted, it would grant you favor with the AI Civ, but the message that it showed said the opposite was true.
    - Changed the Chateaux Terrain Improvement's Help key to reflect that any Civ can now build it, not just the French Civilization.
    - Changed the TXT_KEY_REVEALS_RESOURCE_ON_MAP text key to reflect that some latter-Era Resources are not found on the map, but must be manufactured. This is to help reduce confusion about Transparent Aluminum, which is one of these Resources. I also expect other, similar late-game Resources to be added in the future. Since this key is created/used by the game engine, it isn't possible to change it dynamically without replacing the entire Tech Tree UI – which is like using a grenade to take out a fly…

    - Fixed the duplicate Deep Mine building. The GW building is now called the Industrial Mine, as was originally intended
    - Restored the requirement for Constabularies in all cities before the High Court national wonder could be built.

    - Scouts & Shoshone Pathfinders upgrade to Lancers.
    - Changed Lancers to upgrade to Cavalry. Cavalry now upgrades to the Armored Car.
    - Changed the upgrade path for the Cruiser (WW2 naval ranged) from the Missile Cruiser to the Heavy Battleship.
    - Modified the Ranch so it produces food without requiring nearby Cow or Sheep Resources.
    - Changed the Prereq tech for Fleet Carriers to Materials Science, so they become available as soon as the normal Carrier unit becomes obsolete
    - Mechanized Infantry now upgrades to Powerarmor Infantry
    - Bazookas now upgrade to Mobile Infantry (until I can add a better unit alternative)
    - Fixed the Combat Strength of the Robot Infantry unit, which was incorrect before. It is now 140, instead of 110
    - Removed obsolete techs for certain units, so it would be possible to build at least some units if your civ is low on late-game Resources (Aluminum , Oil, Uranium, etc.): Artillery, Bazooka, Infantry
    - Changed Howitzer obsolete tech from Mechanization to Combined Arms.
    - Changed the prereq Tech for Imperial Rifleman to Dynamite instead of Topography, so it becomes available sooner. Also moved the prereq Tech for the War College National Wonder to Dynamite. These units receive the Charge, Discipline, and Shock Promotions when built. Normal Rifleman units now upgrade to Great War Infantry.
    - Changed some names in the Unit Namer script to remove unprintable characters.
    - Changed the prereq Building for the Nuclear Research Lab from the Freight Depot to the Research Lab.
    - Changed the prereq Tech for the Advanced Warfare Facility from Superconductors (Future War Era) to Nuclear Fusion (Cold War Era).
    - Changed the name of the 'ICBM' to the 'Superheavy ICBM' – to move it later in concept, where it actually resides on the Tech Tree
    - Adjusted the cost of several ships to make them more balanced: Torpedo Boat Destroyer is now 250 (vice 300), Destroyer 275 (vice), Flotilla Destroyer 300 (vice 400), Corvette 325 (vice 375), and Heavy Destroyer 400 (vice 450).
    - Removed the City Siege Promotion from WW2 and earlier Era artillery units. Added the Accuracy 1 Promotion to the Field Gun (BE Era), and the Accuracy 1 & 2 Promotions to Great War and World War II Era Arty Units (Heavy Field Gun, Howitzer, Field Howitzer, Heavy Field Howitzer, and the normal game Artillery). Artillery Units will now have a much better punch against troops in the open.
    - German Landsknecht Units now obsolete at Rifling, and upgrade to Line Infantry Units.
    - Changed the prereq Tech on the Missile Destroyer from Globalization to Nanotechnology (the latter Tech provided nothing, just an empty box).

    Tech & Tech Tree Changes
    - Added the Manufacturing prereq to Railroads, so that Light Cruisers could not be researched before Dreadnoughts.
    - Added the Steam Power prereq to Telephony, so that the Torpedo Gunboat could not be researched before the Ironclad.
    - Added Evolutionary Thought as a prereq to Electricity to slow down beelining
    - Added the Motion Pictures prereq to Electronics, so that the Diesel Submarine could not be researched before the Submarine.
    - Flight is now a prereq Tech for Motorized Logistics.
    - Motorized Logistics is now the prereq Tech for Ballistics and Combustion.
    - Assembly Line is now a prereq Tech for Ballistics
    - Added the Radar prereq to Modeling and Simulations, so that the Mk II fighter could not be researched before the Mk I Fighter.
    - Added the Television prereq to Mobile Tactics, so that Mobile Infantry could not be researched before Mechanized Infantry.
    - Changed prereq Tech to "reveal" Transparent Aluminum from Nanotechnology to Cold Fusion. As the Resource can only be created by the TransAlu Mill (available at Cold Fusion), it makes no sense to associate the Resource with an earlier Tech.
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