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SMAN's The World at War V5, Hotfix 3

Global Conflict in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

  1. SMAN's The World at War

    Version 3 Fixes/Adjustments:

    - Fixed the Tech Tree Scrolling problem - Changed Combat Medic promotion to a custom, and removed all references to Terrace Farms
    - Added the 'Dive Bomber' unit (WW2 fighter that specializes in attacking land units)
    - Made adjustments to the main WAW mod to accommodate changes in the "Irregular Units", "Modern Terrain Improvements", "Unique Units" companion mods
    - Added more prereq techs – giving more vertical bars – slows down beelining
    - Fixed several AA unit upgrade paths
    - The Naval Academy National Wonder awarded the "Mobility Promotion", where it should have been awarding the "Ocean Movement" promotion instead (similar to Elizabeth's Unique Ability).
    - Changed Scout upgrade path to Lancer, and Lancer to Cavalry
    - Replaced 1 icon from an obscure VP mod, due to disgruntled request
    - Old Combat Medic promotion removed, as well as references to Terrace Farms
    - Adjusted the code to allow a player to build an Atomic Bomb if they have a Nuclear Weapons Factory. Previously, you needed the Nuclear Research Facility to build this unit. Now you can build it if you have either building in a city
    - Adjusted Naval melee / ranged unit stats – for balance
    - Made changes to ensure that only Heavy Battleships can hold missiles, not earlier naval ranged units
    - Add goody class upgrade for Paratroopers to Special Forces
    - Fixed upgrade paths on Great War Era Artillery units
    - Reduced all missile unit costs 15%
    - Update unit icons/flag atlases to add many units from the Irregular Units and Unique Units mods
    - Normalized Cruisers obsolete techs at Astrophysics
    - Changed UnitPanel UI to display the unit class name ToolTip, so it shows the class name instead of the unit name when hovering over the large unit icon
    - Nerfed Air Defense units – assigned a lower Intercept promotion level; lowered strength
    - Added some missing animation/trigger files
    - Increased Barbarian Camp gold (x3)
    - Cleaned up Fleet Carrier files
    - Increased turn interval between AI unit automatic upgrader from 3 turns to 5
    - Fixed animation on the Diesel Sub – didn't work properly when it was attacked
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