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SMAN's The World at War V5, Hotfix 3

Global Conflict in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

  1. SMAN's The World at War

    Changes Summary for V4:

    - Removed the "Commerce" requirement from the Freight Depot
    - Added counter-espionage capabilities to many normal and WAW buildings. Remember that Constabulary and Police Stations reduce enemy spy stealing rate by 25%, respectively. The numbers in parenthesis show how much these buildings do the same: Barracks (3), Walls (3), Castle (3), Armory (3), Arsenal (3), Mil Academy (3), Mil Base (3). These WAW buildings now also have counter-spying abilities: Civil Defense (10), Adv Warfare Facility (3), Def. Sat System (6), High Court (2), Natl Mil Academy (1), Natl Naval Academy (1), Natl Air Force Academy (1). It is now possible to raise the counter-spy effort to 90% without Wonders, 95% with Wonders. Yes, spies may be dropping like flies, but it that really a problem…? ;)
    - Lowered the Culture bonus of the railway station's culture from 5 to 3, to match what it says in the description
    - Checked to make sure replanting forests yields Production to the nearest city
    - Added British city names (for my own personal playing style…)
    - Updated the Freight Depot help key - to show that Coal was required to build
    - The Work Progress Administration wonder is now "purchasable" with gold
    - Added a build limit for the Nuclear Weapons Lab (5)
    - Lowered the cost of Bomb Shelters
    - Fixed some incorrect font icons
    - Expanded the Unit List popup window for Cities or Carrier units, to allow for longer unit names. This is especially needed for some of the units from the Unique Units mod
    - Fixed some of the repetitive Technology quotes; added some new ones
    - Cleaned up many discrepancies, errors, typos, etc.

    - "Normalized" all unit costs, strengths, promotions, etc. Now they should represent more evolutionary progress through the Tech Tree, in a much more consistent manner
    - Reconfigured every unit's ArtDefines files, removing the .sql file and adding corresponding commands in the basic unit .xml file. While .xml might execute more slowly than .sql, the file handling overhead more than defeats that advantage. The new approach should speed up mod load times (slightly)
    - Added several missing trigger files, which should improve their corresponding units' attack animations
    - Added @MariusMagnus' namer fix for the Localization problem on late-start games
    - Adjusted the naming function so that it can accommodate alternative Custom Civs. See the Unique Units mod for more details (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1562535329/1629663905430904945/)
    - Some units' Icons/Flags were adjusted
    - Re-wrote almost all unit Help text keys, to help a player remember where the unit fits into the overall unit role evolutionary path, and what resources are required for the unit. This was primarily done, so that all the unit variants from the Unique Units mod could reuse those keys without needed their own

    AIR Unit changes:
    • Added the Dive Bomber Unit, a fighter nominally weaker than the Fighter Mk I, but with the Bombardment I and II Promotions (+66% Combat Strength against Land Units)
    • Added the Fighter Mk III Unit, a late-WW2-Era Fighter, with better strength than the Fighter Mk II and longer range than the Advanced Fighter, receives the Bombardment I promotion
    • Heavy Bombers and Advanced Bombers now receive the Evasion I promotion
    • Added the Anti Air I Promotion to the Zeppelin, so they will be more damaging to early fighters
    • Lowered the Advanced Bomber range from 12 to 10
    • Guided Missiles no longer become obsolete
    • Added the "Divine Wind" promotion, which can only be used by Japanese Kamikaze Units (from the Unique Units Companion Mod). This promotion adds +100% Combat Strength vs Ships, +50% Combat Strength vs Armor Units. Earns points toward a Golden Age for each enemy unit killed
    • Recon Plane/Jet units now receive the Intercept Promotion, allowing them to perform Interceptions, albeit at a much weaker rate than a normal Fighter of the Era
    • Put the build limit (8) for Wild Weasel units into the HELP text key

    LAND Unit changes:
    • Added the "Motorized Infantry" Promotion, allowing late-Era Infantry units the ability to use enemy roads/railroads as if they were friendly
    • Removed the ability to pillage from all 'mobile scout' units (tenders, etc.) – Helicopter units still can pillage
    • Most Siege Units have had their Ranged Strength increased
    • The "Hovercraft" Promotion that Helicopter Units receive now has additional anti-armor damage
    • Changed the Scout's "goodyhut" upgrade - from Lancer to Horseman. Kept the "normal" upgrade at the Lancer unit. This prevents Lancers from appearing in the first turn of the Ancient Era
    • The " De Oppresso Liber Promotion" Promotion that Special Forces & BlackOps units receive now reduces the Combat Strength of adjacent enemy units by 15%
    • Changed Bazooka upgrades from Mobile Infantry to Main Battle Tank
    • FLaK Units no longer become obsolete. This allows a Civ with no Oil or Uranium on hand to at least be able to build some form of anti-air unit
    • Corrected the "goodyhut" upgrade of the SP Artillery Unit to Rocket Artillery, not Laser Artillery
    • Knights obsolete at Metullurgy, not Military Science

    SEA Unit changes:
    • Added a new unit, Predreadnought, which takes the place the Protected Cruiser used to occupy – as the 'Main' ranged naval unit of the Belle Époque Era
    • Converted the Protected Cruiser to a hybrid naval melee/ranged unit, and moved it to the 'Late' melee ship unit of the Belle Époque Era
    • Added a new unit, Destroyer Escort, which is the Main WW2 Naval Melee unit (between the Corvette and the Heavy Destroyer)
    • The Battleship and Heavy Battleships were given promotions to help them be more effective against land troops (BB = Bombardment I, II, and Heavy BB = I, II, and III)
    • Naval Ranged Ships from Battleship and later received the Targeting I and II promotions, to make them 66% more effective against other ships
    • Adjusted naval melee unit movement/promotions. Now, only Ironclad, Torpedo Gunboat, and Torpedo Boat Destroyer units have the "Double Move on Coasts" promotion. Other naval melee units have increased movement speed. New movement speeds for these units: Ironclad (3), Torpedo Gunboat (3), Torpedo Boat Destroyer (3), Destroyer (5), Flotilla Destroyer (6), Corvette (6), Heavy Destroyer (6), Aegis Destroyer (6), Missile Destroyer (7), Railgun Destroyer (8)
    • Changed the Fleet Sub obsolete tech, so that it obsoletes when the Cruiser Sub becomes available
    • Flotilla Destroyers now obsolete at Combined Arms, when Corvettes become available
    • Changed Carrier obsolete tech to Full-Spectrum Warfare from Materials Science – this prevented the situation where you could not build any carrier units, due to which Techs were discovered
    • Lowered cost of Belle Époque Era naval melee units
    • Changed some Great War surface ships (Light Cruiser, Torpedo Boat Destroyer, not Carriers or Subs) to require Coal, not Oil
    • Ironclad now obsoletes at Telephony
    • Adjusted Nuclear Sub stats to place it properly in the Sub evolution timeline
    • Resized the Protected Cruiser, to make it a bit smaller
    • Beefed up the Railgun Cruiser's attack animation, hoping to make it look more menacing
    • Changed the incorrect Advanced Start Cost of 10 to the correct number (60) for Armored Frigate and the Predreadnought units
    • Protected Cruiser now has the "Can See Submarine" Promotion
    • Fixed Brit ship name – changing it from Barfleur to Harfleur
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