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SMAN's The World at War V5, Hotfix 3

Global Conflict in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

  1. SMAN's World at War

    Summary of Changes (V5, Hotfix 3): This hotfix was primarily a “harmonization” of various settings between this mod and the Unique Units, WW2 Civ Pack, and WW2 Scenario On Any Map mods. Cleaning up unit definitions and other technical issues which sometimes caused odd behavior in various mod combinations (e.g. if Main WAW and the WW2 Civ Pack were enabled, aircraft units from the Civ Pack mod could not attack cities. Playing the Civ Pack alone, they could.).

    Specific Changes:

    - Added a "City State relationship drops" to the “Enhanced Diplomatic Reaction to Nuke Attack" script. Now when using nukes, city states will lower their relationship to the attacking civ.

    - Added a ranged horse unit in the Classical and Medieval Era. These are now part of a new scout upgrade path.
    This path is now Scout (Ancient) > Scythian bowman (Classical @Construction) > Mounted Crossbowman (Medieval @Machinery) > Lancer (Renaissance @ Metallurgy) > Cavalry (Industrial/BE @Mil Science) > Armored Car (Modern/Great War @Motorized Logisitics)

    - Added route increases in the Route_TechMovementChanges tables for certain techs in the tree: faster road movement at Industrialization, Precision Engineering, and Manufacturing. Faster rail movement at Motorized Logistics, Combustion, Mechanization, Combined Arms, Ops Research, Full Spectrum Warfare, Polymer Science, and Supply Chain Management. The improvement in rail movement will be quite noticeable with armor units as the game progresses - as it was historically.

    - Added WHOWARD’s “Tech - Satellites Reveal Cities” – which reveals units around cities after the “Keyhole” project is completed.

    - New function adjusts strategic amounts on the map at game start, similar to the SMAN’s WW2 Scenario On Any Map scenario. This creates unusual near-monopolies and bare areas all across the map - which will definitely impact military strategy to obtain rares resources, and make civs with a glut of those resources able to leverage that abundance accordingly. While, the mod adjusts the amount found in a tile, it doesn’t add/remove strategic resources to any additional tiles.

    - Added a “Severe City Penalty” to melee ship units of all kinds. All melee ships now have a 90% penalty when attacking cities. They can still capture cities, but will need assistance to actually reduce city defenses.

    - Added a test inside the VP compatibility script, which prevents it from injecting an error into the database log when VP is not enabled.

    - Added a minor nerf to the Warmonger penalty settings. AI civs will factor warmonger stats a bit more than before, making them more reactive in warmonger situations.

    - Added Greece to the Unit Namer Script, allowing them to receive custom, civ-specific names for their units.

    - Adjusted many entries in the Ottoman tables in the Unit Namer Script, to provide a more historically-accurate set of names for the Ottomans.

    - Added 10 Roman and 5 Ottoman custom civs to the Unit Namer Script.

    - Removed the references to WW2 Civ Pack and WW2 On Any Map mods, placing the references into those mods, so that the Main WAW mod would execute first.

    - Hid the notification buildings from Civilopedia, so these “dummy” buildings don’t appear in that feature.

    - Made several adjustments inside the unit definition tables, correcting minor problems in many unit definitions. Units now look/act more like “normal” units of their type, and should behave more stably. *

    * Technical Changes: Here is a list of specific adjustments made to units:

    - Ensured all IFV’s were categorized as UNITCOMBAT_GUN, not armor.
    - Ensured all “Paratrooper” type units (incl. later paradrop units) only used UNITAI_PARADROP.
    - Added UNITAI_MISSILE_CARRIER_SEA to all ships/subs that can carry missiles.
    - Added FLAVOR_NUKE to ships/subs that can carry nukes.
    - Ensured fighters have UNITAI_DEFENSE_AIR as default.
    - Ensured all NAVAL_MELEE units had IgnoreBuildingDefense set on.
    - Changed ArtDefines (Weapons) for all Fighers and Dive bombers to make sure they only used 2 attack animations, and not 3.
    - Ensured Art Defines Unit Infos contained the FighterWing formation for all fighter units.
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