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SMAN's World at War - Unique Units Companion Mod V5 Hotfix 2

Adds 100+ Civ-specific units to add more historical flavor

  1. SMAN's World at War: Unique Units Companion Mod

    Summary of Changes (V5, Hotfix 2): This hotfix was primarily a “harmonization” of various settings between this mod and the Main WAW , WW2 Civ Pack, and WW2 Scenario On Any Map mods. Cleaning up unit definitions and other technical issues which sometimes caused odd behavior in various mod combinations (e.g. if Main WAW and the WW2 Civ Pack were enabled, aircraft units from the Civ Pack mod could not attack cities. Playing the Civ Pack alone, they could.).

  2. SMAN's The World at War - Unique Units Companion Mod

    Version 3 added 107 new units, all of them taken from the WAW World War II Scenario (still, sadly, a work in progress....)

    Here is the breakout of which Civ received how many units. See mod photos for more details:

    - Austria: 11
    - France: 11
    - Germany: 10
    - Greece: 10
    - Rome: 8
    - Ottoman: 3
    - Poland: 10
    - Russia: 8
    - Spain: 10
    - England: 12
    - America: 14
  3. SMAN's 'World at War - Unique Units'

    Made a few changes, mostly adding units requested by players.


    Summary of Changes (V2):

    Adjusted Imperial Rifleman units to add the prereq Tech change to Dynamite, and the addition of the Charge, Discipline, and Shock I Free Promotions. They appear earlier in the Tech Tree and should be much more useful once they arrive.

    Switched the Heinkel and Junkers bombers for the German civ. The...
  4. Upgrade Path Fixes

    Fixed broken upgrades for Austrian and French Great War Infantry