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SMAN's World at War: World War II Scenario on Any Map V1

Play SMAN's WW2 Scenario On Any Map Available

  1. sman1975
    he purpose of this mod is to allow a player to recreate the dynamics of the `SMANs World at War Scenario: The War in Europe`, but on any map available. This provides an almost unlimited amount of replayability of the scenario, as each new map provides a great variety to the gaming experience, while still keeping the heart of the scenario (diplomatic relationships, unit strengths, national capabilities, etc.) in place.

    The mod comes with 19 playable Civilizations, all tailored to provide a deeply immersive gaming experience along historical lines. However, you may also use any other Civilization available in the game to play alongside these 19 Civs. Any non-World at War Civ will automatically become a Major Combatant (q.v.).

    Be sure to check the Player's Notes for some helpful hints: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/2218422391/4436564907301934303/

    The game starts with all major (i.e. playable, non-City State) Civilizations in a forced, permanent peace. No declarations of war are possible. Additionally, Civs start with a significant bonus of Gold, Culture, and Tech to help a player structure their Civ as if they were playing them in the many, many turns leading up to the war. As in most cases in the mod, if there are bonuses given, AI Civs receive a much larger bonus than human players.

    On or about game turn 18, the “Main War Starts” event will occur, which will force declarations of war between many of the major Civs in the game. Supportive wars may also occur. These wars will mostly be permanent wars, and the ability to declare war will now be possible. After a few years in game time, these permanent wars will be modified so that peace treaties would then be allowed.

    There are two paths to victory in the scenario. First, you can win through Domination Victory, although this is not easy with so many Civs in the game and the limited number of turns available. The most common path to victory is to have the highest game score when the maximum number of turns for the scenario is reached. Currently, there are 96 turns in the scenario, representing 8 years of historical time (January 1938 to December 1946). Whichever Civ has the best game score on game turn 96 automatically wins the game.

    Major Combatants: There are seven major Civilizations in the game. They receive extra support to help ensure they dominate play.
    - Axis: Germany, Japan, Italy
    - Allies: United Kingdom, France
    - Neutral: United States, Soviet Union

    Minor Combatants: These twelve Civilizations receive less support from the game engine, and tend to be less enthusiastic in their support.
    - Axis Leaning: Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Spain
    - Allies Leaning: China, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Norway, Poland
    - Neutral: Turkey, Yugoslavia

    Please see this link for details of latest version: